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Good day,
I hope you are having great day.
Today I want to focus on what you are exposed to most of the time if you are not consciously aware of or work on filtering what reaches your subconscious mind. If you are a long time reader of this blog you know that I try to talk about techniques and mental attitude attributed to success. As a general rule I concentrate on positivity because of the effect of The Law of Attraction as well as the fact that I want to drive home the idea that we always have an option about what we give our attention to, no matter what is happening.
This post will add another incentive of why we should be positive. The simple fact is that all the junk in the heading of this post like “bad, evil, darkness, fear, anger, etc.” does not exist. Yup you read it right. Those things are manmade emotions created by us. I agree with you that they are very persistent illusions, and do cause real harm, but at their core they are not real.
Let’s get to the heart of the matter and tackle them shall we?
Darkness is not a thing. You cannot go and create darkness in the sense of pure creation. You do not fight darkness. At this point I am talking about the physical darkness not the metaphorical darkness of emotions or personalities, although we will talk about those as well. What darkness is, in its simplest terms,  is LACK OF LIGHT. You can either have light or the lack of light. You do not turn something dark, you just turn off the light or prevent the light from coming through, unless of course you are toasting a bread or tanning on the beach. There is no such a reality as a dark switch. There is a light switch that you can turn on or off.
Evil is the same when you think about it. Evil is a lack of goodness. Bad is a lack of good. Fear is a lack of courage. Anger is the lack of calmness, or poise.  You see where I am going with this? Now if this, in its simplest form makes sense to you we can move to a more metaphysical way of exploring these things.
If we agree then that these forms of negativity are just a lack of positivity we can see how pointless it is to try to fight them and waste energy on them. You do not go about fighting “the emptiness of your glass of water” right? You just pour in more water into the glass. Read that last sentence again. I want this to really make an impression on you. You do not fight fear, you add courage. You do not try to erase the darkness in the room, you just add light. When you are hungry you do not go about eliminating the “hunger”,  you feed yourself. Is this pattern making sense yet? I hope so.
So now that we have the basics down, does it make sense to concentrate energy on trying to fight the negative feelings, or situations that we are faced with every day? I hope your answer is no. Isn’t it cool how seamlessly this aligns with The Law of Attraction? How about that? Universal laws actually DO work with mathematical precision.
I hope now you can see what a waste of time it is to try to fight “AGAINST” negative feelings. I also hope that you are starting see what you have to do instead of that struggle. If not I will try to clarify. But I wrote this to get your mind thinking about it. Cleaver ha?  I am in an unusual form today. J
When you are trying to instill a positive feeling, most people think they have to eliminate the negative feeling that they presumably are trying to correct. That is a waste of effort. Remember whatever you give your attention to with feeling will be coming back to you over and over and will be your reality.
You only need to concentrate on the positive trait, feeling, behavior or whatever that you WANT.  Think of it this way. If you have a glass of water with a bit of food coloring in it, you don’t have to empty the glass and replace the water to get clear water, all you have to do is to add water and keep on adding and pretty soon the food coloring is replaced with clean water. In this example it may not be the most efficient way of doing things but that is the way it works. Believe it or not it is the fastest way to results. You need to reinforce the behavior that you want, and continue doing it with persistence, not try to fight the old behavior. The old behavior is ingrained and subconscious in most cases, and the only way to eradicate it is to just keep on turning on the light.
I DO WANT TO MENTION THAT I VALUE CLEARING TECHNIQUES LIKE EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE       (EFT), AND SEDONA METHOD EMENSLY. Those type of clearing resistance are of upmost value. What I don’t want you to do is to concentrate on the negativity and get worked up and siked out at the overwhelming feeling of how to get rid of it.
I was going to write that in the real world you are mostly inundated with negativity but that is not really the case is it? You have a choice. If you continually concentrate and point your attention to positivity you are most of the time experiencing positivity. It all starts with single action.
Right now, before you leave this blog page, think of a small positive thing that is around you, or has happened to you. Do it now. Think about it in detail and try to feel, and see, and hear the things you saw when it happened or if it is in your environment now concentrate with all 5 senses on it.
There. You just turned on the light.
Thanks for your time and as always to your success till next week.

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