Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Good day and I hope you are all having a great week.
Today I wanted to share with you a new technique I learned from reading Dr. Robert Anthony’s book “Beyond Positive Thinking”, in dealing with challenges, that really helped me out in a particular situation.
The way I understood and used the idea was as follows. When a problem or challenge arise in our lives we automatically go on the defensive. That is we start to think “oh crap, I have a problem how do I solve this problem?” Or we try to avoid it which in the long run causes more problems. Dr. Anthony suggest letting the problem in and acknowledging it. This is very similar to what I have understood how the Sedona Method deals with challenges as well.
The idea here is that by accepting the challenge and letting it in, we are taking away its power. Now I am not quite sure if it is its power over us or in general but I don’t really care because no matter what it worked. It is sort of like going into a dark cave and hearing a menacing voice that threatens us not to get any closer. At first there is a scary feeling and most people would just avoid the situation and go back. But if we actually let it in and approach we find out that voice was a deep voice of a little man who was using the darkness as a camouflage.
Dr. Anthony suggests that the next time we are faced with a problem, instead of jumping at it and try to battle with it, just take a breather and ask “what if the way I assume to handle this situation is not the best course of action?” Then let the solution come to us. By acknowledging that the initial response we have is not the obvious and/or the best choice to deal with the problem we open our mind to the source to give us the answer. Because we are so used to jumping on the problems and try to tackle  them we have built a filter that tunes out the right answers and correct reactions. Did you read that? We are actually cutting ourselves off of the answers that can help us deal with problems by not accepting the problem. In fact we should go an extra step of welcoming the problem and getting comfortable and accept the fact that it is here and then ask for help for ideas, and opportunities to present themselves to us instead of jumping in and try to do it the hard way.
Well that is cool. Trying to deal with problems this way has opened my eye. I have just started to use this, even though I have read that book over 3 times now. I guess I was just ready for it this time around. I found that even though I teach the principles of The Law of Attraction (LOA), and am constantly looking to view the positive side of things, I had some deep resistances that I either just did not want to admit, or just tried to brush under the rug. Well one of them suddenly came out the other day.
I realized after sitting and letting my problem linger around for a few hours and resisted the temptation of jumping and beating it on the head, that deep inside I did not believe I deserved the best. It is hard for me to admit this, especially in a public forum, but I hope that it resonates with the readers and perhaps helps someone else as well.
Since I have learned about and have practiced the teaching of LOA, I believed that I have been thinking the right way. That I have cleared my negative resistances. But it became very obvious, to the extent that I could no longer ignore it, that I had some issues with treating myself well.  Even when I was financially struggling I had not issues treating other people well, but when it came to treating myself, I always hesitated. Suddenly a feeling of frugality would make me doubt my decisions to enjoy something I really wanted.  I have a feeling it comes from the fact that when I was younger we had to live very frugally to make ends meet. I am proud of the fact that my mother, single handedly put me through college, and provided a life for me that I really did not feel any lack. Perhaps looking back from my current position of prosperity I am feeling the lack and it is trying to scare me into the wrong thinking that I have to be careful not to lose it and go back to the days when things were tough. Whatever the case may be I am grateful that I realized it and did not get sucked into it.
 Because of it I am going to exercise the qualities that I want in myself by giving out those qualities this week and enjoy it to the max.
I hope this has helped you in some way. Please feel free to share this with anyone that may benefit from it. Till next week, wishing for your success.


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