Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Journaling to Success

Since I have started to journal again I have noticed that my first inclination is to use the Journal as a bitch fest. This made me think that even though journaling is a  fantastic  way to gather my thoughts and get focused, I really have to monitor the voice that I use in the writing that I do. It is sort of like sitting down with a good friend and just venting. In that circumstance as well as in journaling it is easy to lapse into the vibration of feeling sorry for oneself. Maybe it is human nature to play the victim. This type of action and feeling however, is not productive to successful way of life. Because there is tremendous amount of emotion involved in these instances, there is a very high vibrational frequency that we send out to the universe. If we are feeling sorry for ourselves or we are just venting by the law of attraction that will only bring us more and more circumstances where will he wants to feel sorry for ourselves. Journaling however can be used for positive encouragement as well. Many of the world's greatest thinkers and innovators have used journaling and stream of consciousness writing to gain access to their creative side and achieve amazing results. At first it will be difficult not to play the victim. With practice however,  you can concentrate your journal entries on being positive and even tap into emotional power that you may not have access to during the day. This will be a time of concentration and reflection, where you can completely channel the best that you have and use those emotional vibrations to guide you towards success.  From what I remember from my past experiences with journaling, the process used to lift the weight off of my shoulders. Even though it was a time in my life when I was going through tremendous amount of turmoil, I used the process of writing out my feelings to vent and get the negativity out of my system. Even though I do not suggest using the writing process to concentrate on the negative experiences, I used it as a steppingstone for reaching for bitter feelings. I was fortunate enough to be able to move from feelings of despair through the process of writing into excitement and joy, even though at the  time I had not heard of the law of attraction or the stepwise process of reaching for better feelings as described in Jerry and Esther Hicks' works. It is almost a therapeutic tool if used for the purpose of getting yourself out of a rut.  But you do not have to be feeling depressed or sad to use the writing process and benefit from it. Even if it is just a few short sentences about how thankful you are at the end of the day, or little experiences here and there, or the best way to use journaling is to write down your wins and your successes. A sort of a "at a boy" notebook for example. This is where you can come too when you are down and see how much you have accomplished. No matter how you decide to use a journal, I think you will see positive and helpful results from  using it if you just give it a little time. I hope you enjoyed this post and as always please feel free to comment and share this with anyone who may benefit from it. Thank you and until next week to her success.

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