Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Good day,  this post is about feeding your mind positivity. Throughout the day there are times when ideas for blog posts come to me like rushing water and then there are other times when I have to really concentrate on a topic to be able to write a post.  What I have noticed is that when I am involved with other positive blogs, when I  am reading positive books, or am listening to positive  tapes, ideas about my blog posts come to me naturally and frequently. At other times if I get involved with the family or work and I don't have the chance to read or listen to positive information, writing a post becomes an arduous task.  When I started thinking about it, this made perfect sense. When I am feeding my brain positive material more and more circumstances and opportunities come about so I can experience positive materials. Because of that I experience positive thoughts and I get inspirations to write about success in this blog. On the other hand when I don't get the chance to feed my brain positive material it feels like the creativity in the writing process is in a state of stagnation. There are times when I get too busy with school work, family, career, and even though those are productive tasks it does not take away from the fact that I am not concentrating on being creatively positive. Based On the law of  attraction then when I am concentrating on those task more and more circumstances come about to keep me feeling and concentrating on those tasks.  This brings up a very important point about concentrating on creativity. If you want to have inspirations and creativity, you have to give yourself time and feed your mind creative writings, tapes, or even conversations. No matter how intellectually stimulating your work is you need to take some time to just relax and listen to or  read purely positive works. By opening your mind to different fields you also expand your horizon which is an added benefit to working on positivity.  You don't need me to tell you that throughout the day you're constantly bombarded with negative vibrations.  Taking time out to feed your mind positivity will help recharge your internal battery.  This will help you reach for better feelings when you encounter challenges in your day to day lives. A perfect example is when I am in traffic. If my iPod is charged and I am listening to some inspirational book, I rarely get frustrated. When I forget to charge my iPod though I have noticed I get frustrated much faster in reaction to the same stimulus. The reason for this is because by taking time to feel and concentrate on positive things you are creating the vibration that brings you more of those circumstances.  If you make a habit of doing this daily then when challenges arise you are not in a rut so to speak. The reaching for abetter feeling will not be a long shot, because you have taken the time to keep yourself grounded, or rather at a higher vibration. It will not be a stretch.  It will be in your grasp and you will be higher on the spectrum of good/bad feelings than you would be if you had not practiced something positive.  I hope this convinces you to reach for something positive on a daily basis no matter how small. As always please  feel free to make comment on this post and share it with anyone who may need it.  To your success till next week.

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