Tuesday, December 4, 2012


This week my entire family went through the stomach flu. Full on nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea .  First my 4 year old, then my wife and as I write this my 2 year old is going through it. As we all take care of each other, I am struck by the similarity this incident has to the road to success. You may be thinking I have lost it. Let me explain.

If you have never taken care of a small child who is experiencing vomiting and stomach pain every 15 minutes in the middle of the night for the whole night you should be grateful. It is exhausting for everyone. When it comes to your kids however, you don't really feel it. You just do it.  I don't know where it comes from. No matter how hard of a day you had before, or what is ahead of you the next day you just do it. I was trying to imagine if this was happening to someone other than my own child or not my job as a care taker, would I have taken it as well. It was hard to imagine that I would have gone through it let alone having no issues and coming out with a smile on the other side. 

Recalling some of the stuff I have done either as part of my own project goals or for a client, I remember having less exhaustion but complaining and feeling like I just want to quit a lot more than this past week's experience.  Since I did not get sick I pretty much spend 5 days cleaning and taking care of my loved ones.  It did not even occur to me to want to do something else.  

If you ever have had your back against  the wall and had to make it or perish you can probably relate.  That could be why so many successful people achieved their major victories at the brink of a disaster.  What I want to point out is that the same principle can aid you to succeed when the situations are more positive and you do not have a do or die situation ahead of you.  The key is the strength of your why.

What ever you have to do, whether it is a personal project or something your boss gave you, has to have a strong PERSONAL REASON behind it. The reasons that other people give you in instances where you "have to do something" is not strong enough to make you keep on going when strong challenges arise. So you need to Personalize the task in some way. The more senses you use the better.  How will the result effect you financially? Is it a matter of pride? Is it a point of recognition as the go to person and what are the ramifications of it? Can you hear what your co-workers are saying? Can you see the money in your account? Better yet what are you going to do with the extra chunk of change? How will you feel, what you hear, see, and smell, are very important in that initial process of making the ultimate goal a personal one with a big WHY attached to it.  It takes effort but it is well worth it because the bigger the why, the more inspired you are and the less likely you are to let the challenges beat you down. Remember as humans we always like to take the easier path and if the WHY is not strong enough we will look for a way out. This can become a habit, so more importantly by making a practice of creating a strong reason to succeed you will train your mind to continue, and persevere. The less likely it is that you will quit in one circumstance the greater the chances that the next time you also keep on going through the resistance that pops up in your path to success. 

I hope this makes sense to you and you can benefit from it. Feel free to pass this along, and invite friends to like  Facebook page.  Your comments are always welcome here or on the fan page. Till next week to your success.  

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