Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today I want to cover an important part of what it takes to succeed as well as a key element of working with The Law of Attraction. That is action. Enough cannot be said about the person who takes action. Many of the comforts and inventions that we enjoy today were thought up by many people but it was not until someone took action that they became a reality.
Funny thing about success and opportunity is the fact that seldom does one action amount to major rewards. It is like the universe wants to make sure that the person is deserving of the rewards. Persistence, and the “don’t give up attitude” goes a long way in helping you get  what you want. Do not mistake this statement for needing to work extra hard to get ahead. Hard work is a good habit to develop but it is not necessary. Let me qualify that a little before I get comments to the contrary.
The implication of “hard” work to me signifies something that contains a low RETURN ON INVESTMENT (R.O.I). By the same token when I am exerting effort on something that is important to me and is a major desire the effort that I put forth is not necessarily “hard”. I guess it is semantics. I like the way Dr. Joe Vitale, and Bob Doyle phrases it.  They call the actions you take in pursuit of your desires “inspired action”. Inspired action is rarely seen as “hard”.
Why do I make a big point on this matter of semantics? Because as you have learned by now from this blog, working with the Law of Attraction to succeed is all about your feelings and the vibration of those feelings. If you are going after a dream and the work is FEELING LIKE it is Hard, then that is a feeling that is generated and sent to the source. Now some people like “hard work” and if that is you, then the vibration you are sending in response to hard work is a good one and you are on the right path. If however, you are feeling bad in the pursuit of your goal then you have to change something.  Perhaps the desire is not big enough or your actions need a modification. No matter what, you want to send out vibration of joy to open the channels for opportunities to come to you. When you are hitting your head against the wall in trying to achieve a goal it is rarely productive. Brute force sometimes gets things done, but at what cost? Remember this world is full of opportunities and abundance. Do not buy into the media claim of doom and gloom. That is just to sell papers.
The great thing about action is that even when you have no idea where to start, by taking that first step you will notice that other ideas and opportunities for you to take action on will present themselves. I cannot tell you how often I waited and waited for the right plan of action to come to me and for everything to be “perfect”  to start a project but nothing happened until I started to take small actions. Then by some unknown reason the other action steps just seem to fall into place. I don’t know why that is but it is the way many of my projects have moved to successful completion.  It seems so logical to have everything in order before you start to work on things, but that is not the case. There is something referred to as Analysis Paralysis, that many people suffer from and that is preventing them from taking action and achieving success. Things rarely are perfect. The perfect opportunity, or the perfect time rarely comes along. You can however, by taking action take advantage of the opportunities and make it look like everything was perfect. If you ask all the men and women who have achieved success in business and in life you will be surprised to know that things were not perfect, but they took action anyway.
I am going to close with a great quote by my idol Bruce Lee: “Action is the highest road to self-actualization”.
I hope you enjoyed this post. Please feel free to share it with anyone you thing can benefit from it or enjoy it.

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