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Good day all,
Today’s topic is a touchy one when I really understood the whole Law of Attraction and how it deals with Success. So I encourage you to read it with an open mind and keep in mind that my intention here is to help you and hope that you will pass along the lessons to others and keep the positive energy going.
With that said, there is a sort of a catch 22 when it comes to trying to help people who for the lack of better words are ‘less fortunate’ than you are either in financial, emotional, spiritual etc. sense of the word. Why is it a catch 22? To understand that we need to understand the basics of the Law of Attraction. Recall that The Law of attraction is always working, and is working perfectly. It brings into reality the vibrational match to what you are thinking. The term Vibrational Match always confused the living day light out of me when I first started to study the law of attraction. All it means, is that what you feel is where you are in terms of vibrations that you send out. So if you are feeling good, you are in a so called “good vibration” and the law of attraction will then bring you more circumstances to keep that vibration, or good feeling going.
So when you have people you care about and want to help them; you can see the potential in them, but for some reason they cannot see it for themselves,  it is important to realize how to deal with the frustration of the moment.  For the longest time I just tried and tried and found myself losing control of my positive vibration and get caught up in the frustration. Perhaps you can relate? I had heard the saying “you can take a horse to the water but you can’t make it drink it”, but I did not realize how true that was in terms of the law of attraction. Let’s use an example of a skyscraper as a model for our levels of vibration. When you are in a good vibration due to the fact that you have accepted responsibility and have used visualizations with feeling the way you have learned here, or in my book Road Map to Life, you are let’s say on the 100th floor of the building. The person you are trying to help or uplift will, if you have understood them properly, be on different level or different floor. Let’s say they are on the 50th floor. You are at such a different levels that they have no common frame of reference with you. They cannot see you (your advice, your help, your motivation etc.) from their level. It is exactly like you are trying to yell at them from the 100th floor to come and join you but they cannot even hear you and go about doing the same things, thinking the same thoughts, and sabotaging their own success.
Now there are a few keywords here to understand. You have to understand the person you are trying to help. More to the point you should know that they actually want your help. Having that out of the way how does one go about helping people that are at a different level than they are? It is simple in theory but much harder to deal with. There is only two ways: 1) They have to come up to your level or 2)You have to go down to their level without losing your balance. Now speaking from a vibrational point of view you either have to help them come closer to your level or you have to go down to their level. You need to understand where they are before you can help them.
So you understand that they are in need of help. Then they are open to receiving help. Then you have an understanding of where they are from a feeling point of view. What is next? Since I do not really like to dip down to a lower vibration on purpose I like to attempt to bring the person up closer to my level. So obviously getting frustrated is not the way to go about it. That is bringing me down in levels of vibration. The first place to start is by explaining to them that whatever is happening in their reality right now is the effect of how they have been thinking. That is taking responsibility. This can be done gently, by explaining how the law of attraction works. If you need help read some of the “basic posts for new readers” link on the lower right side of my blog page, or direct the person you want to help to read them. You can point them to books like The Secret; Think and Grow Rich, Road Map to Life,etc. to further solidify your point of view. With the understanding that they have control of their reality, and the fact that whatever their present is can be changed there should come a sense of confidence and small feeling of relief. At this point there is a continual need to feed positive thoughts, and knowledge as ,if left alone, there is a high likelihood that they will get caught up in the negativity of the our day to day lives. It is important to also acknowledge to yourself and to the person you want to help that this process does not have to be a home run hit. It is a journey and small steps of feeling better, will bring more and more good things, and good opportunity. Share with them that the fastest way to get what they want is to be grateful for what they have now. Go through some visualization and concentrate on using as many of your sense as possible to feel the joy and happiness. You soon will realize that in helping someone else you have greatly increased your vibration as well. That is just a bonus.
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