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Good day all.
I have tried to stay away from focus on any matter of spirituality or religion out of respect for the readers and the need not to offend anyone. However, this is a blog about success and I have a practical and factual evidence relating to success and how meditation, prayer, and spirituality plays into it. Whatever you believe in or focus on be it God, The Force, Source Energy, Nature, Zen, matters not. I am going to use the non-threatening word Source in the remainder of this blog to refer to that which one can concentrate on.
Success in anything means reaching your desired goal. To be able to reach your desired goal you have to not only raise your vibration of thoughts, focus on your goals, have faith and the belief that they are happening, but also you have decrease and eliminate the resistances that you have to achieving those successes. Resistance is defined as any thought pattern that is contrary to your goal. Those thought patterns have deep roots in most cases. For example if all your life growing up your parents told you that “money does not grow on trees” or “it takes money to make money” etc. , you most likely have some resistance to attracting wealth into your life. If you do not take care of those resistances and contradictory thoughts it is very difficult and time consuming to make your new thoughts of abundance materialize. How can you deal with resistance?  There are many different ways like The Emotional Freedom Technique or E.F.T., or the Sedona Method and you can Google both of those and get a wealth of information that will be helpful. But you know there is another way that is considered by many masters the short cut to decreasing resistance?
This is my understanding of how it works:  If you can raise your vibration by clearing your mind and not thinking about the current moment you put yourself in a place where your desires can come to you because you allow them, or you get into the receiving mode. That is why many of the masters recommend meditation. In meditation you try to calm your mind and think of nothing by concentrating on something that does not bring up more thoughts like the sound of your breathing etc. So when you meditate you raise your vibration and in doing so you get into the allowing and receiving mode. When you are in the receiving mode then all the things you have desired and goal you have set and visualized can start to come towards you. You are allowing and in allowing there cannot be resistance. You achieve this state in sleep but when you are sleep you are not aware of the thoughts you have and the law of attraction is not actively effected by your thoughts when you are sleep. How does meditation and prayer and spirituality relate?
Good question. When you pray, I mean really pray or are in a spiritual mind set for a few minutes you are in essence talking to source and you are not thinking about your current issues. You are raising your vibration. Now it is very important to clarify “really praying” and distinguish it from the routine, scripted sayings most people repeat when they are at most religious gatherings or  thinking they are praying. If you are like most people, myself included when you are trying to pray everything in the world comes into your mind. At times I have found myself reciting the prayer that I have memorized over the years, but my thoughts are actually on the results of the UFC fight, or the game, or what my next business meeting is going to cover, or how my daughter is doing with her potty training. That is not praying. What I refer to as “really praying” is the type of mental mindset that you have for example when there is a bear attacking you and you are backed into a corner and you are praying to all that is holly to get you out of this predicament. It should feel like you are talking to the source. It should be as though you are completely present in the moment of peace and tranquility with all your mind and heart concentrating on a force that you know for sure is the ultimate source.
So no matter what you decide to do be it meditate, or pray or just be at  one with nature, it has to feel good and natural to you. But that may require practice. Pick something that feels acceptable to you and practice it 15 minutes a day. Do not force the issue. If you have resistance to traditional prayer this is not the place to try to fix it. Pic something that feels good to you. In that 15 minutes you get your vibration higher and higher and you get yourself into a state of receiving and soon you will notice that the goals you have set and things you desire are manifesting and opportunities for you to take action on are presenting themselves to you more and more.  That is a big part of achieving success and a shortcut you can utilize.  Can 15 minutes of meditation or prayer overcome years of resistance? It is irrelevant. In 15 minutes you are letting yourself be in the receiving mode. You are not trying to erase. You are trying to allow. Make it a habit to raise your vibration every day for 15 minutes and see the benefits of it. If nothing more it is healthy to escape the daily routine of life for 15 minutes.
I hope you take this post in the spirit it is meant which is to help you achieve all the success you richly deserve.
To your success. Please share this with anyone you think could benefit from it.

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