Saturday, May 21, 2011


I was driving down the 15 freeway on our way to do a demonstration at the Naval Base in Coronado in honor of the Asian Pacific month and I saw a billboard that indicated today at 5:00pm the world would come to an end. I also have heard in the recent  weeks that the Mayan calendar ended around December something of this or the next year, so people are extrapolating that since that calendar had predicted other things that have come to pass the end of it indicates the end of our world as we know it.
Far be it for me to be an authority on when the world comes to an end, since my blog is about spreading positivity and success, I thought I would  post a special post on Saturday to share my point of view. In the book The Master Key System Charles Haanel describes certain cycles that the world goes through. The opinion in that book is that we are currently in the last of 7 cycles that continue to repeat. The view from that perspective is optimistic and refreshing as we are about to start the new cycle of prosperity and joy. Coincidentally this cycle is very similar in timing predicted by the Mayan calendar, but approaches the topic from a different point of view. It is time for all the chaos, and catastrophes that the world has experienced to come to an end and a new cycle of prosperity to begin anew.
I was joking with a friend that basing the end of the world on the fact that the Mayan calendar just ended at so and so time is like me, A.J. Farzad using my Microsoft Calendar function scroll down the pull down menu for the year and see what is the last year in my current version of the program and call that the end of the world as depicted by Microsoft Calendar. Then 100s of year later when people read my prediction they will freak out and say oh in 2011 a highly technological software program predicted the end of the world on such and such date.  I was of course joking but is it that farfetched?
I want to humbly suggest something as novel as it may seem in this world that is constantly obsessed with destruction. How about fixating on good, and joy, and brotherly love. How about taking a moment to give thanks for what we have. Even if it is for this world that we live in, for at least we are standing on it. How about taking 10 minutes in quite meditation and breathing to make our blood pressure come down. The more and more people start to think this way and bring their consciousness to concentrate on good the more and more the world will yield to their reality. We create our reality, is not a slogan; it is a fact.
If that billboard on the 15 freeway had an effect of gathering people in a house of worship to pray it is good, but if they are praying out of fear what kind of vibration are they sending out? Why does it have to take something as catastrophic as the end of the world for people to gather and find their own spirituality? It does not. We all have the power to make this a better world. We all have the ability to succeed and make our lives better and more joyous. The deeper concentration on pure joy and good will brings to you, all that you “think” you need in terms of physical and material possessions. Make your goal being at peace and swimming in joy.
I once saw a billboard that said something to the effect of “random acts of kindness. Pass it on”. We need more thing like that to give our attention to.
I hope you all have a great weekend and may your future be full of joy and prosperity. You can be what you will to be.
Feel free to share this with anyone who may benefit from it.

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