Tuesday, June 7, 2011


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I am sure we have all heard the saying “what goes around, comes around”, or “good Karma: do a good thing and you will get a 1000 fold return”. This was a topic of conversation I had with some friends who were reading my book Road Map To Life. The gist of the conversation was as follows:  There was a small leak in the AC unit of one of the apartments causing some of the dry wall from the ceiling to fall on the tenants couch and carpet.  The insurance takes care of most of the damage, minus the deductible, but since the tenants did not have renters insurance the insurance company was not going to do anything about the sofa, so out of the goodness of their heart my friends actually gave their tenants $500 for the couch, and replace the carpet. This is the type of people my friends are. Totally good hearted, and even in business they want to make sure that everyone is well taken care of. I don’t know how many times they have done things like this. On another occasion they allowed a single mother stay at their property for free for months at a time being late, or not even paying the rent and even paid her out of their own pocket, so she could get food, only to be faced with having to finally evict her because she was disruptive to the rest of the tenants. As a gratitude she trashed their place. So we were discussing when is this good Karma thing going to come around and more to the point of for the sake of this blog, how is the law of attraction going to give them what they are entitled to.
The funny thing that I became aware of hours later, was that as they were relating their experience I could not help joining in the conversation with my woes of tenants and landlord problems I have had with properties. Then it hit me like a brick wall as I was taking a long drive to see some clients and I had to record my thoughts to put them to paper on this blog, because I am sure I am not the only person who realized what is going on here, and also to help good people realize how exactly are they withholding the GOOD KARMA FROM COMEING INTO THEIR LIFE.
Sit back and relax and let me take you through the mechanism of action here. Once I get done explaining it you can see that The Law of  Attraction works all the time and with exact precision and we need to be able to use it the way it is intended to get the results we are looking for as opposed to go about by default hoping that things will happen. We need to monitor our thoughts and more importantly our feelings to control our reality.
I wish I had had the presence of mind to ask my friends right there as they were relating their story what type of feelings were coming up with in them. Since I didn’t I am going to use my own feelings in similar experiences and I hope that when this post goes up my friends will comment on it if I am off the target.
This is the expected results. “Oh crap the ceiling fell down. Just another bad thing in the long line of things that has been happening.” The feeling here is bad, ranging from Frustration to downright anger or desperation. “Off we go to see what is going on. The damage is not that bad, and the insurance is going to take care of it, but the poor lady does not have renters insurance”. The feelings are a little better with  relief, but followed by feeling sorry, and sadness. This is where I need you to pay attention. This is where everything thus far I have been talking about in this blog, and in my book is going to come together in such a great real life example. So pay attention please.
The good deed, and generosity that my friends showed to their tenant came in the presence of feeling sorry and feeling bad for the tenant. The ACTION was generosity which is good. The FEELING was one of sadness. So pop Quiz hot shot. How will the law of attraction respond to the vibration of sadness?
Time’s up. The feeling of sadness sends out vibration that will bring more situations and opportunities to continue and perpetuate the feeling of sadness. Subtle, isn’t it? So the way to perpetuate the good things that have been waiting to come to my friends due to their generosity, they have to start allowing the vibration of receiving. They are always grateful any way so that is a good start. The way to handle the giving situation was and still can be to engulf themselves in the joy of giving. To get into the feeling of how blessed they are that they are in a position that they can help their tenants by giving her $500 for her couch. To feel the pleasure of giving because most people would not do that in the same situation. To share in the joy of their tenant receiving and being grateful. To feel that warm and fuzzy feeling of pride that they are doing the right thing because it is just who they are. Those joyous feelings will vibrate a sort vibration that by the law of attraction will bring more and more circumstances for my friends to keep on feeling the joy, the pride and the gratitude. That is how we let the Karma come back to us a thousand times. It is just there waiting for us to get in tune with the feelings so it can come to us. The hard work is done. The good deeds and generosity is already done. The hard part  is to separate the feeling of sadness because circumstances brought an accident. Realize it for what it is and more importantly how it is making us feel in that time. TAKE CONTROL OF OUR FEELING, and slowly turn it around to the feeling of joy in the giving. That is how we can reap the fruits of our good deeds over and over.
I hope you find this useful. Best wishes for your success. Please feel free to share this with anyone who can benefit and do not forget to like my Facebook Fan page on the link on the right side of the page, or go to Success and the law of attraction Facebook page . Thank you and have a great week.


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    Another one favorite. Wow! I'm one of those people who says "I believe in karman" then I wonder why it takes so long or why it doesn't come to us. Thanks for sharing this with us.


  2. It is my pleasure. Thanks for commenting.


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