Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.
Today’s post is about a way to help you overcome the feeling of helplessness or disappointments. This is a simple technique and I find it very valuable because as long as you are feeling bad, disappointed, helpless, etc.  you cannot go about doing things the way they need to be done to be successful.
Here is the technique in simple terms: GET OVER YOURSELF.
At first glance it seems harsh. But let’s take a good look at it. As human beings we are always hardest on ourselves. When we feel like things are at their worst we are usually not looking at the forest but are concentrating on the individual trees.  At its core the feeling of helplessness, and disappointment is a very selfish emotion. To get yourself out of that rut you need to take the focus off of yourself and put it where it can do some good.
So how do you get over yourself? Simple: GET OUT THERE AND DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR SOMEONE ELSE. This may not seems like a success tool at first but it works. When you are feeling bad the last thing you want to do is to do stuff for other people. You want to sulk, and feel hurt, and concentrate on how unfair things are and put attention of the poor old you. You want a sense of pity from others. That is natural. But that just feeds the negative feedback loop. You need to stop the negative energy in its tracks.
By forcing yourself to try to do something nice for someone else you take the attention away from the selfish and also you are making your mind think positively instead of negatively. Try it the next time you are feeling bad.
The act of going out there and for example gathering all the clothes you don’t use in a bag and taking a trip to the Goodwill, or Salvation Army or the local shelter to donate them will lift the burden off of your shoulders. As much as possible you should try to do something that is as much as possible personal. If you know a specific person who needs help is much better than just dropping of a bag at the collection site where no one is present. You want the good feeling generated by people interacting with you. You want to see the person’s eyes, and see the gratitude and the embrace the joy of giving.
This type of activity will take your attention off of self-pity, and refresh your soul. It will allow you to feel good about yourself and you will attract more and more opportunities to feel good about yourself. The result is that you will start to do better and feel good, and do better and feel good, and soon you will find yourself out of the rut.
Do small acts of kindness. Especially when you feel like you have been wronged or are unhappy. See how when you bring happiness to others, joy and happiness will find their way  into your life. It works. Humans are social creatures. Even those who have made themselves believe they need to be alone need human interactions. Giving is the greatest high. It is the ultimate in win-win situation.
I hope you try this technique and enjoy the results you see. To your success.

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