Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Good day and I wish you a very pleasant day.
I heard a great sermon the other Sunday. It inspired me to think about the truth in many ways.  When it comes to the subject matter of this blog, there are certain truths that I need to address for clarity. These are not my truths or your truths, they are absolute facts. Facts that are scientifically proven over and over thought out the centuries.
When it comes to success, the TRUTH is that YOU DESERVE IT. When it comes to the use of the law of attraction the TURTH is that YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS, whatever that term means to you.
Growing up I was told many myths that I am sure you can relate to. Things like if you work hard you will succeed. That was a half-truth. Many people work hard their entire life and do not achieve any semblance of success. On the other side, many people seem to easily and effortlessly achieve success beyond their wildest dreams. Also a half-truth.  I was told that to be wealthy means someone else had to be deprived. Nothing could be further from the truth.  I was told if I studied hard, and got a good grade, and graduated from a good school, I would have a great job and will be taken care of for the rest of my life. I was told that highly educated people with high IQ were the most successful people in the world. I beg to differ, as Napoleon Hill said take a look at the payroll of any major University. I was told we get what we deserve. Again a sort of half-truth.
The thing all these myths had in common were that it conditioned my subconscious to believe that my reality dictated my thoughts.  For some reason all these beliefs came from a point of scarcity. The thing is that the people that taught me all these myths had the best of intentions and in most cases wanted me to succeed. They just happened to be programed by the same myths.
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Spiritually it was easy to understand we are well taken care of, but for some reason that comfort was never transferred any further. If you have not seen the blog post demonstration that I did with the CORK (look at the video in the post after clicking the link) that is described by Esther Hicks in her workshops, take a look at it because it points to the ultimate truth. That is that our natural state is one of being happy. Whatever that means to us, that is the starting point we need to concentrate on.  The natural state is not competition. The natural state is abundance of everything. The natural state is SUCCESS in everything for everyone, and here is the caveat,  WHO IS AWARE OF THE TRUTH.
Let me put it in terms of physical fitness. If you don’t know the truth, you would think that if you are fat and you do sit-ups and crunches all day for a year you will have the rock hard abs and the body of super models. Well you may have the rock hard abs, but you will NOT HAVE the body of a supermodel, because without the diet portion of the equation you will just push that fat out and in fact increase your waist size as opposed to getting a lean, slender body.  That is the truth about your physical fitness.  It is irrelevant how hard you work. It is completely dependent on knowing the truth about what you want to accomplish.
Learn the truth about who you are and the POWER you have. You know about the LAW OFATTRACTION from the previous posts, you know the truth now about yourself. Take the ball and run with it. Your future begins now, and what a bright future it is.
I hope you enjoyed this post. Put it into use and I will see you next week. Do not forget to check out our Facebook page and leave a comment please.

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