Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having the greatest day ever.  Today I want to discuss an example of an area  of working with the law of attraction that has proven frustrating for me at times.  That is dealing with my two little ones.

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Parenting is an emotional activity and hence it has a huge vibrational impact on how the Law of Attraction affects your day.  You can use this for any area that evokes the same type of emotional frustration.  

For the last year or so my 2 year old has had comfort issues going to sleep at times. Usually either my wife or I have spend some extra time cuddling, and in really challenging times when she just is throwing a tantrum my emotions go right down the emotional spectrum ranging from frustration all the way to out right anger. When that happens there is just a negative feedback loop that spins out of control. 

Last night I found the perfect solution. I usually do visualize a nice sleeping bundle of joy, but I loose my sense of joy when she starts with her tantrum.  So last night when she started to go into the tantrum I just held her and started to go into rhythmic breathing of meditation. As I started to concentrate on counting my inhalation and exhalation I relaxed and so did my daughter.  I then put her in bed and sat in the middle of the room and finished my meditation.  

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She relaxed and when I was done and left the room she told me good night and went to sleep.  So easy, and as a bonus I got my daily meditation done as well.  I have explained (see the video blog) how Esther and Jerry Hicks  explain the process of meditation as a way of letting your cork pop up and that is exactly what  happened. I was clearing my mind about the process of putting her to sleep.  As I concentrated on my breathing, the resistance and the negative vibration was not expressed and through meditation I moved up in the emotional scale to my natural state which is joy. You can use this process in conjunction with the leaving a task for a while and coming back to it later when you are fresh.

 At times when leaving the task is not an option, meditating while in the midst of doing a task may release all the resistance, And that maybe be the break you need.

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