Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Good day and I hope you are all well. I started this post intending on relating a recent incident I had to The Law of Attraction, but as I stared this I had to really stop myself and refocus.

On a trip to Canada I recently was a passenger of a plane that had nose gear locking indication light come on when trying to land in Chicago.  On approach to the runway, the pilot did a scrap, restored full throttle, we heard and felt the landing gear being stowed again, and went around for a semi emergency landing.  Everything went awesome and infact it was the softest landing I have had in a long time. As the emergency vehicles rushed to the plane I got some really cool pictures that I totally intended to put up on this post.  Then as I was making my way to the next gate and my adrenaline rush subsided I had really stop and ask myself WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Most people probably thought I was lost and was looking to find my next gate. It really hit me like a brick at how close I came to attracting more "emergencies" in my life.

 I immediately  went to the picture files and deleted all of them.  That is the FOCUS of this blog. There are times in our lives when we really think it is cool, exciting, exhilarating, or fun to relay a misadventure or news of a disaster to others. This is more likely if we are actually part of it.  Myself included, at times we love to tell everyone about the bad things in our lives, or things we have seen.  It is a multimillion dollar media industry that banks on that. In this era of electronic tools like iPhones, and Android devices, and camera phones it is so easy to take pictures of disasters and put them on YouTube or give them to the local media that may pay you for them.

What are we asking for when we keep those vibration alive? I am thankful that I had a safe flight. I am grateful that I have a loving family, and I am not going to concentrate on incidences that I Do NOT want. The more we concentrate on bad things, the more bad things come into our lives.  This is the great thing about knowing  and PRACTICING WITH the Law of Attraction . I  now quickly recognized that I was giving attention and power to something that I do NOT want in my life. I was actually sending vibrations to get more opportunities to experience such scenarios in my life. Boy I am glad there is a time delay in all this. Universal laws work perfectly every time, and all the time.  By consciously realizing what I was doing,  I now can choose to concentrate on what I want and keep the joy in my mind by using Situation reverses to help me get over the excitement I may feel from a bad news situation.

I love the fact that I can share this with you, and I take great joy in believing that this story will help you do the same and concentrate on the great things in your life, like your family, friends, and the awesome life you have no matter what that looks like now.

I hope you enjoyed this post and as always please feel free to share and make sure to check out our Facebook Page as well and comment. Have a great week. 

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