Monday, September 20, 2010

The Greatest Situation Reverser of all time

Good day all,
I just stumbled on this and had to put it up. In previous blogs I have made reference to having some "situation reverser" for the times when you are faced with challenges and need a sure fire way of starting to change the negative into positive vibrations.
I stumbled on this tonight when I was putting my baby to sleep and you can use it with your children or any one you feel deep feeling of love for.
Here is what happened.
I was putting my little girl to sleep and as she was just lying next to me with her bottle of milk I put my hand on her chest. I felt the quick beating of her heart. As I sat there a deep feeling of peace and gratitude came over me. I just left my hand on her heart and thanked God for the great day I had with her, and for the fact that she is happy and healthy.
I suggest you take a moment alone with the one you love. Get comfortable and calm. Put the hustle and bustle of the day behind you and put your hand on their heart until you can feel the lub-dub of their heart beat. Concentrate on the heart beat and internalize the great joy you feel for being with the one you love. Just treasure this moment in every way. What does it feel like. What sounds are around you. What is the temperature like. Are you closing your eyes or are looking at each other? All these in the greatest amount of detail you can will be burned into your mind and feel the joy and happiness and the peace it delivers to you.

The next time some thing throws you for a curve and you feel the loss of control and negative feelings approaching, go into the feelings of when you were with your loved one and re-live them in all the detail you can muster. See how little by little more and more of good thoughts come to you and keep on to those and feel good about those thoughts until you are out of the rut.

Good luck. I would love to hear about how this works for you. Click on the comment link and leave a comment if you like. Thanks

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