Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How to Deal with People that Upset you?

Good day all,
I read somewhere that you can not satisfy all the people all the time. So from time to time people will upset, disappoint, or just tick you off. The obvious and reactionary thing to do is to return the favor. When people upset us it is "natural" to reciprocate. Some times we get louder, sometimes we get upset and say something we regret later, sometimes we do things to hurt them back. We all know that is the wrong thing but we do it anyway, why? Because at the moment of great emotional stress we react and do not think.

It is really hard to stop and think when you are under the emotional stress of a moment. What I choose to do that has recently helped me allot is to just remember the one thing that "I am responsible for what is happening to me at this exact time".  One way or another by my past thoughts and emotional vibration I have given to those thought I have brought into my reality the current situation that is not making me feel good.

What comes next is the harder part of the equation, which has taken me a long time to do and still at times I fail to do it immediately, but eventually I figure it out. That is to start slowly to turn the situation around and focus on small steps towards a better vibration. Feeling a little bit better. Small steps are the key. I start by not going into an argument. If I can not do that I leave the situation. If I still can not do that I just refuse to engage the person for a while and just start to think about what a beautiful day it is. The fact that I saw my little girl this morning eating her breakfast cereal.
Because if I engage the subject matter it only gives force to those feeling and no matter how much I want to end the conflict I am CONCENTRATING ON THE CONFLICT AND NOT THE SOLUTION.
By concentrating on little good things I bring more of good things into my reality and the solution to my problem will come as well and I will be in a mindset to recognize and take advantage of utilizing the solution.

I am open to any suggestions you all have on this matter. Please click the link bellow and share how you deal with situations like this. Have a great day.

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