Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.  Today's topic is about what works for you and your reaction to what others do. 
This is a very advanced concept. It presumes you are comfortable with your visualization and being positive. I am going on the premiss that you take inspired action toward your wants.  I believe that you are grateful for your now, what ever that looks like at this moment. I take for granted that you are living your wants as though you have them and tell stories of how you achieved it in the now.  

So all is well. Then what happens? You get cocky. You become the so called expert.  You look around and see someone doing things "differently" than you.  Then, in a perfectly good natured  way you tell them your way of doing things. They do not take your unsolicited advice well.  So now you are upset and are consumed by helping them see it your way.  This happens specially when you care for them, and want all the best for them. 

Do not get off centered. The use of the law of attraction is not by compulsion.  When people are happy in their own way let them be, they are achieving the goal. They are happy.  Concentrate on your happiness and let others be.  Don't get into conflict over whose way of feeling good is better.  That is ludicrous. 

Here the intent i.e. wanting a good for someone, is not the end all. The emotion and vibration you are giving is coming from scarcity i.e. there is only one way to feel good.  Are you following me? Don't get sucked into the trap. 

When students of LOA find success, like any thing else they want to share it. There is nothing wrong with sharing and teaching; there is something wrong with forcing. Enjoy YOUR way and let people enjoy their way; it is the way the universe works best. Try to force it and you will attract more and more opportunities to have to force things. It is The Law of Attraction.  It works all the time and every time.

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