Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to Super Charge your manifestation

Good day,
so in the last post we started to use the LOA to manifest. One of the greatest way to supercharge your visualization and the process of manifestation is GRATITUDE. Bob Proctor mentions this in almost every thing that I have read or listen to.
I am reading a book called Beyond Positive Thinking by Dr. Robert Anthony right now. He notes that we mistakenly live by continuously solving problems. Man did that hit home with me. He says that the process should be and I quote "BEING--DOING--HAVING" not the other way around. Some where from the time we start to grow out of imagining we get into the mind said that we have to DO, THEN HAVE, THEN BE HAPPY.
The big part of LOA is that you have to be grateful for what you have right now in this moment. If you understood the last post it should click for you right now and there should be an "A HA " moment. Is it there?
If not don't worry. It took me a while to get it as well.
When you are grateful for what you have, what are you concentrating on?
Remember what ever we concentrate on with emotions we create in our lives. So you are concentrating on being grateful. So the Law of Attraction will bring you more of what you can be grateful about. That may be success, new things, people we love, opportunities. Do you see where this all goes.
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  1. thanks for the post!
    I am a bit confused about two terms you use, namely, "success, and "law." What specifically do you mean by "success?" Is this left up to the person's own definition? If it is, how can it be brought into being by a determinate "law?" You capitalize Law of Attraction as if to differentiate it from other types of laws? Is it some type of metaphysical law? Is it nomothetic?

    You state:
    "So the Law of Attraction will bring you more of what you can be grateful about."

    How does such a process work?


  2. Thank you for your comment. Let me see if I can clarify. You are correct about the definition of Success. Success to me means any thing from achievement in a task to making someone's day by giving them a smile. So yes it is very personal perspective. In this blog, however, I want to start helping people with their success in any part of their life. Sharing with each other and giving what works for each of us individually will let people know that there is a way to succeed, and more importantly that they are not alone is wishing to succeed.

    As for the Law of Attraction, as I briefly mentioned in the 1st few entries, is a metaphysical as well as a constant universal law just as Gravity, and Electromagnetism, and thermodynamics are universal laws. With the attention given to the LOA I am sure more and more "scientific" research will be done and one day the LOA will be as widely understood.
    I hope this helps.


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