Thursday, August 19, 2010


This is an interesting topic. Having always considered myself a shallow person when I was younger, I am in no position to pretend I know what makes the other sex tick. But I have made a few mistakes along the way and as always the Law of Attraction and the success principles that I have picked up from books like The Secret, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and listening to Bob Doyle, other LOA experts have really helped me when in comes to relationships. I am very blessed to have found a perfect person in my wife who understands, and supports me and has no problem telling me I am wrong when that is the case in a sensitive and respectful manner. So how does that work?

Just like every thing else that we have discussed wanting a perfect mate is too vague of a description. Are you starting to see a pattern to all this? You have to be very specific about what kind of a person you want to attract into your life. And before you ask, You CAN NOT make anyone like, or love you. That being said you CAN absolutely attract the kind of person with qualities and attributes you are looking for into your life.

So be specific and as always write down the type of person you are looking for. It is also advisable to start making a vision board, or what they may look like etc. You can put a collage of the perfect person. Be sure to include the characteristics that you admire in a mate in your written description, because the saying "beauty is only skin deep" some times rings true.

Once you have the description of who you want to be with, start putting a deadline on when you will meet them and go on visualizing being together. Taking long walks, going to the movies, having romantic dinners, just hanging out together. See what the day is like when you are doing these activities with the special some one. Feel the touch of each other. Hear their voice as they whisper sweet somethings in your ear. Look into each others eyes and feel the flutter you get in the pit of your stomach.

Do this daily and if there are resistance that exists go about resolving them. What do I mean by resistance is that when you are visualizing your experiences together if there is a voice inside that suddenly comes up and said "you do not deserve that", you need to take care of it right a way. These voices may come from past experiences or some thing some one told you when you were younger or had a negative experience. No matter where it comes from you have to resolve it. I like using the Emotional Freedom Technique on them.  You can google EFT, or emotional freedom technique or use the manual that comes as a bonus with my e-book. I have used EFT to crush the negativity many times in many cases including working out this type of thing.

If you are in a relationship, stay tuned for the next post that includes what to do when you have disagreements. 
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