Friday, August 13, 2010


Good day,
Today I wanted to share with you a simple principle that helps you get what ever you want and it is so simple that it escaped  me until very recently. When I was just graduating from school and taking any job to pay the rent and living with too little money at the end of the month, I remember telling myself "I will give to charity and causes when I am rich". I would say this with a complete and pure joy in my heart really wanting to help but THINKING that I have to wait to HAVE before I could give.
A few years back I read some where, I believe in was in a book called As a Man Thinketh, that you get what you put into it. At first it was a bit confusing but when the author put the concept in terms of working out it made perfect sense. You don't see people going into the gym and saying "I am in the gym I think I will try to bench press my car's weight". You have to give in order to receive. You have to put the effort into working out and by giving force against resistance you built the strength that allows you get stronger and give more force against bigger and bigger resistance and if you do it long enough you may actually be able to bench press your cars weight if that is what you want. But without giving you will never get stronger. You can stay and look at the weights until the cows come home but nothing will happen.
So Success in any thing also follows this principle.  You have to GIVE of what you want. This principle follow the principle of GRATITUDE. If you desire money give money away. It does not have to be exorbitant   amounts. Give what you can. I started by giving away the change in my pocket. There is a eastern saying "give and it will come back to you a thousand fold". Well it truly is the case.
If you want love, give it and it will come to you. It you want help to succeed, give help to those who need your wisdom and it will come to you.
Remember the movie "Pay it Forward". Lets try to built a world like that.
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