Friday, August 27, 2010


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If I told you that I noticed some one who has been practicing the LOA get upset over some thing as trivial as dropping a piece of onion through the grill of a BBQ, what advice would you offer? In discussing this situation we realized that for as long as we could remember this was happening. The subject of my blog today admitted that loosing control over little challenges was an ongoing challenge, where as when it came to big things this person was calm and collected.  They just started noticing this issue and by definition this has been the manifestation of their previous thoughts. They are concentrating on this trying to change their reaction, however, all that attention to the subject just brings more of it into reality. So how do we go about NOT  getting upset. There in lies the problem.  Let's use Mother Teresa as an example. She was quoted as saying "I will not attend an anti-war rally but if you have a peace rally invite me". The realization lies in the fact that our concentration has to be on being calm when little mishaps occur. A statement to concentrate on could be some thing like: "I am so happy and grateful now that I am calm and in control when things becoming challenging". 
It took this blog for us to realize that the subject had this issue. Even though this person is a student of the Law of Attraction and reads on the subject and practices it daily it is so easy to laps into old habits. So through this medium, and because we were discussing the topic of next post, we came to the realization that slippage does occur. The great thing, however is that tomorrows reality is now created by influencing direct control over it as apposed to waiting for it to come about by default. 

So the moral of the story is that we find it so easy to pin point what is wrong and that becomes our focus for the solution. By giving the "don't want" the focus and energy we are manifesting more of that "don't want" because the source does not recognize words of negation. We have to concentrate on the solution and not the problem, for that is when the energy is going to be utilized for positive results.
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