Monday, August 30, 2010


Good day to all,
This post is about the little things that make a big difference. As I was sitting in the airport in San Diego waiting for a delayed flight, I noticed some commotion on the other gates. This must not have been a good day for American Flights out of San Diego. For one reason or another the flight attendants were not on time and the flight had to be changed or something. That is not the important point. When an understandably irritated passenger tracked a gate agent down and asked if she knew the flight attendants were late why didn't they announce and change flights 2 hours earlier? The agent very calmly apologized and explained some reasoning that I did not hear but it was good enough that the passenger said "its not your fault, it's American's" to which the gate agent responded "right now I am American, and I do apologize". Well that made an impact on me. I fly American almost exclusively and every year they send me these little coupons that says "applause" on it to give to employees of American who impress me. It costs me nothing but 2 seconds to take it out of my bag and hand it over. So I gave the agent this ticket and told her it is refreshing to see someone who takes ownership. What then transpired is why I wrote this post.
You should have seen the expression on the lady's face. She smiled at me from ear to ear, and said "you just made my day". Can you believe that. A simple piece of paper and a word of thanks, made her day. The thing that really surprised me is HOW GOOD IT MADE ME FEEL TO HEAR THAT. I felt so great that this lady was suddenly gone from a stressed outlook to a brief moment of joy. It was a rush for me.

I hope you can take a time to share a smile, or give a word of gratitude to someone who deserves it. Heck give it to someone who does not deserve it any way. See how it makes you feel. I will guarantee you that it will be worth your few seconds.

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