Monday, August 16, 2010


It is amazing how topics come to me now that I am concentrating on putting posts every couple of days or so. Since I am not a so called "expert" I don't mind that I laps from time to time. But I want to share with you some thing that I hope will help you as well. At the very least it will make you aware of it, and that is the main point of my blog; to help you get out of attracting by default.

So, I was dealing with some people who happen to be either late with their payment, or trying to keep on pushing back the deadlines we agreed on with a contract. Now I am a nice guy, but there comes a time where I get a bit tiered of what I envisioned as being "taken advantage of". I must also admit that I owe this realization to my wife and I am so happy and grateful that she is here to catch me when I slip and remind me of how this Law of Attraction works. So my responses to this individual started to become more and more curt and I was about to get down right hostile. Thankfully I had some other business matters that took me out of town and it allowed me time to cool down and talk with my wife over the phone because anger is a very powerful emotion that will energize the law of attraction to our detriment.

We both realized that even though I have been preaching the fact that success through the law of attraction is an individual thing, and that we all have to take responsibility for what we are bringing into our reality I was not following my own advice. I was literally concentrating on more and more conflict as my emotions started to get control of me. The more I got upset the more my thoughts were on what is wrong and not what is right.
I suddenly realized that I wanted to change the person I was dealing with instead of creating my own reality. That is a major No, No.

The Law of Attraction does not work on other people. No matter how bad you want it to there is no way that you know what is best for some one else. It a universal certainty that we can ONLY CREATE OUR OWN REALITY.

So I am stopping and taking a deep breath. I am going to go through a few rounds of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). When I am calm I will be nice and visualize what I want the end result to be and then will contact the person I am dealing with and trust that what ever is happening will be to both of our best interests. This is not a Pollyanna, happy go lucky frame of mind. It is taking control of my own reality the way I want it. A few years ago if I was reading this blog I would have laughed and said "yeah right". If that is the impression you are getting, it is fine because I can not make other people's reality. The comforting thought is that this stuff works for me. Every thing that has happened in my life many of which  I have shared in my e-book "How to succeed after High School" I have made work using theses principles so I know they work for me. But I had to be ready to receive the information when it came to me. If this makes sense to you then you are ready. If it does not, it  is OK. It is a start to getting you thinking, and more and more of this information will come to you and my hope is that you will also be able to gain some benefit from this even if it is a nice smile or laughter as you read this page.
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