Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Good day all,
I wanted to share with you an amazing thing that even surprised me a few days back. From time to time I want to prove to myself that this Law of Attraction thing works. Not really a test but just to re-affirm in my own mind that this is working and keep my belief strong.
On a Tuesday when I was flying out to go and visit some customers it occurred to me to try to manifest a set amount of money, because I had had a comment on my blog on how exactly the law of attraction worked in regards to success. 
So since I was sitting in the plane I did not go through the 6 steps outlined in my e-book on setting goals, I just took a few deep breaths and concentrated on the exact amount of money I wanted by that Friday. I saw the amount of money in my bank account. I felt the exhilaration of actually having it NOW. I felt the joy that this keeps on working over and over. Then I let it go and went about my business.
By Friday morning nothing had happened. I was starting to get a bit nervous. All kinds of justifications started coming into my head.
I immediately recognized them for what they were. Due to the fact that I am aware of how the Law of Attraction works I refused to be affected by default. So I sat down and went through a few rounds of Emotional Freedom Technique as illustrated in the EFT manual that is a free bonus with my e-book.
After a few rounds of doing the emotional freedom technique I felt much better and went about my day. At around 10:00pm I had this really strong worrisome thought.
I suddenly realized that a month before when my tenants left, I had sent their deposit check back but in the amount that was 2 times their security deposit. I had sent their 1st month rent back as well. It was out of the blue. I could not believe I had done that. I went to my paperwork and did the calculations again and looked at the receipt of the check I had sent them and sure enough I had double paid them.
I immediately contact them and asked for the amount back.
That amount was a little bit MORE than what I had visualized receiving. At first I was saying well does that count? My wife happened to remind me that here it is. You asked for it and it came. She is right. By all means I had completely forgotten about the mistake so I gave thanks and was amazed how nicely the LOA protects me as well.
Once again it is proven to me that this stuff works. It works every time as long as it is in my best interest and I am not violating anyone rights.
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  1. and there it is.. amazing!
    proud of you A.J..

  2. I enjoyed reading your story.

    You asked the LOA for reaffirmation of how it works and it gave it to you.
    The more I practice the LOA the more I become astonished of how great it works.
    I will try to reaffirm the LOA this week too :o)

    Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. You are welcome Marina. Please let us know how LOA affirmation works for you this week. I am so happy you are making your future work by taking action, instead of by default. You ROCK. Have a great week.


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