Tuesday, February 26, 2013


As I was driving my little girl to school, I reminisced about how my father had taught me to drive. Weeks before I was to take my driving test, we used to practice in my little 1984 VW Rabbit Diesel.   One of the main things that my father told me was to scan around as I am driving and not to develop Tunnel Vision. At the same time make sure that I do not get fixated on what is going on around me that I would lose sight of the road and what is in front of me. As this fond memory surfaced, I had to smile thinking how it relates to the use of focus in achieving success with the Law of Attraction and goals.
Good day all and I hope you are having a great week. Today I wanted to touch base on Focus. It is important when dealing with goal setting. It is critical in utilizing the Law of Attraction. It is a skill that can be learned. It is also something that can be misunderstood and either neglected or abused.
I have heard focus likened to a laser beam. That is very accurate. I know how important focus is to achieving success, and an interesting thing happened to me today when I was taking my daughter to school. Let me relate the incident.

Occasionally when we set goals, we are laser focused on the task at hand and are excited and enthusiastic and plow ahead without “scanning” the surroundings. Focus and persistence are sometimes grouped together but they are two different characteristic important to success.  Neither one means to beat your head against the proverbial rock. Focus can be abused if it ignores what is going on around you. It is like tunnel vision in my driving story. If I am not scanning the road ahead I may miss many obstacles and challenges/dangers that may be lurking ahead of my task. I may also miss opportunities to get out of a traffic jam.
The flip side also applies. If I am so concerned with other things that I detract from my focus then I am wasting energy and neglecting my focus. When focus is scattered, momentum is lost and fear and uncertainty have an easier way of creeping in. 

The moral of the story as in anything, is balance and moderation. Do not get so focused that you will miss the warning signs and dangers as well as opportunities. At the same do not scatter your focus to the extent that you are losing your momentum and flow.  I wish I had a quick rule of thumb for you that would work with all situations, but the reality is that each situation is different for each individual. What I can focus and concentrate on with optimum results will be different than  how your focus works. It takes practice to find your sweet spot, but once you get it, you will be unstoppable. It is a skill well worth cultivating and it will pay dividends in both your use of the Law of Attraction and in your success. To me they both lead the same way.
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