Tuesday, March 5, 2013


When we imagine and visualize from a point of envy, regret, sadness, we are planting poison on our mind’s fertile field. Having sown the seeds of poison we can only reap a harvest of poisonous night shade.  Conversely when we visualize from the position of enthusiasm for our goals, and how great they would feel when we achieve them; when we can see them and ourselves achieving those goals and living the life, we are planting seeds of corn. What we will harvest then is bountiful corn.
Good day and I hope you are having an absolutely awesome day.
What have you planted today? Strange question you may think. I just got the following link from a friend. I want to encourage you to take a look at it. 

Earl Nightingale states that the “human mind is more fertile than a farmer’s field. Neither your mind nor the field cares what is planted in it. It will however, only yield what was planted”. This statement is the core of goal setting and the foundation of using the Law of Attraction.
Nemophila flowers in bloom 
I once heard a joke about a passerby stopping and admiring a beautiful garden that a man was tending to. The passer complemented the owner and said it is a beautiful garden. The owner replied “thank you, I’ve worked hard on it”. The passer then said “isn’t it God’s Garden though?” The owner replied “yes it is, but you should have seen it when God was taking care of it”. 
Field of Grain

No matter what your beliefs, we as humans have been given an amazing ability that no other living organism on this planet has. We have the ability to deliberately think the thoughts we want.  No matter what the circumstance is, we have a choice on how we react and what we think about the situation. No matter where we are in our lives currently we have the ability to think and imagine/ visualize what we want it to be like and how we want to live.

The idea is simple. The practice of this idea is what separates those who fail from those to who succeed. The great takeaway from all this is that we can always change what we are thinking about. That means we can always choose to plant the seeds of success. By planting the seeds of success we can only harvest the fruits of success.
When you get excited about the visualization and the achieving of the goals you have, you will have opportunities to act on them. Do it immediately.  The key word was the “PRACTICE” of what ideas we have. Many times we are inspired and pumped up only to wait and wait and with time the enthusiasm dies, and doubt and ROUTINE sets back into place. It is our subconscious minds job to keep the status quo the way it is. You have to change those status quo habits by deliberate action until it is settled as your new paradigm. Take action as soon as you can no matter how small that action is. There is magic in taking action. The opportunities and gut instincts that follow your visualization and goals setting sessions are doors opening to let you in on the path to your success. By taking action you are opening the doors and more and more of them will open. You can only receive the fruits of your labor if you go through the doors. Don’t be like the person who complains to the source that he cannot win the lottery no matter what, only to hear the divine voice saying “but you have to buy a ticket”.  Wow I am on a roll today with Cheesy jokes.

I hope you found this post helpful. Please feel free to share this with anyone who can benefit from it and make sure to comment here or on our Facebook page. Till next week to your success.

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