Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The use of The Law of Attraction is not about what is coming out of our mouth. It is the feeling associated and more importantly the belief we have in the actual effect those words and feeling will bring for us. In my case, I truly believed that if I had this bad feeling about an exam when it was being handed back to me I would get an “A” on it. My friend believed for over 50 years that if she is negative about the major decisions, things would go her way. It is all using the law of attraction in our own way and the most important thing is that we do NOT have resistance to it because it has worked for us for so long. We have concrete proof of it internally.
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Good day and I hope you are having a great week as usual. Today I wanted to touch base on something that I used to do when I was a kid in school. I also have noticed many people do it and have built amazing amount  of energy around it. The only way I can express it is: POSITIVE NEGATIVITY. 
Let me explain. When I was in high school and it was exam time, particularly when we were getting our scores back, I usually had this rumbling in my stomach and a feeling that I messed up really bad. Every time, I mean 99.9% time when I had that genuine bad feeling in my stomach I did excellent. I aced the thing. I could not explain it. In fact I got so good at utilizing it then, that I think I was unknowingly using The Law of Attraction in my own way.
Recently I was talking with a friend of mine and she was about to embark on some big decisions in her life and she was so negative and when I asked her to be positive she just smiled and told me that whenever she is negative about some major decisions things go her way. Things absolutely work out. I thought she was kidding but she was dead serious about the matter.
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So do not beat yourself up if you have this type of built in tool you have been using for many years. It is nice to be able to use The Law of Attraction with positive thoughts, and saying, and feelings, but I personally think if you have really been using The Law of Attraction and it has been working for you why reinvent the wheel.?  It will take more and more energy and practice to get used to using a new method than using what you have been using for all your life and succeeding with it. That is very important. You have to have had good results using this method and have succeeded in getting good results that you DO WANT.  Otherwise you are just sabotaging your success.
It is the intent, the feeling and the belief. You cannot fake it. How you utilize it is as personal as your finger print or the image of your iris. You can use it, now that you know it is a POSITIVE NEGATIVITY.
I hope you enjoyed this post and as always please go to our Facebook page and comment and share this with anyone who may enjoy. Till next week to your success.

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