Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great week.

Have you ever noticed that children are happy. I mean truly happy. The reason for that is related to the topic of a book by Eckhart  Tolle called The Power of Now.  Children up to a certain age, usually 5 or 6, have no problem living in the Now. For example I put my 2 year old in time out for miss behaving and 2 minutes later she is offering me her tangerine without any feeling of anger, or retaliation. Children of all ages, and all socioeconomic status when given the basic necessities are truly happy because they live in the now. They do not worry the future, tomorrow. They most often forget about the past and do not dwell on the mistakes of the past. They can be present at this moment with 100% concentration.

Star with the phrase "Free" written in the middleIn fact it is us as parents that bring up memories of  the past and or the future for them and create stress for them. Imagine if you could be as happy as a child no matter where you are in your life financially, career wise, etc? I have to admit the first reading of the book The Power of Now  was a bit rough. It is a very deep and philosophical book, and I have to read it a few more times to grasp the full benefit of it, however the fact remains that it is a struggle for me at least to be able to be present in the now for any length of time without extreme amount of concentration.  That is a habit that I surmise plague most of us.  It is something however, that can be worked on and most definitely something that can be achieved as a new habit.
The benefits are many and priceless in my opinion.  I was told many times and have read it in numerous places that 95% of what we fear about any event will NOT happen.  I have also written about FORGIVENESS in this blog.  By living in the NOW you eliminate both issues. There is no fear of what may happen because you will be doing things a moment at a time. There is nothing to keep inside and dwell about because there is no concentrating on the past. It seems like a simple way of living and in theory it is a stress free way of living.
Open door with a path leading to a sunsetThere is a reason however, that most Buddhist monks  spend a lifetime perfecting this single way of living. It is something to aspire too. It goes without saying that you should not be too hard on yourself if you stumble because that would not be living in the now.
As always I hope you enjoyed and benefited from this post. As always feel free to share this with anyone who would benefit and comment on our Facebook page about this post.  Till next week, here is to your success.

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