Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Good day and I hope your week is going great. Today I wanted to share with you a lesson that we need to be reminded of here and there.
Let me start by relaying an example to make the lesson clear. When we had our first child, the hospital staff instructed us on how to have “tummy time” with her. This practice entailed leaving the newborn on her tummy and allow her to exercise her upper body and neck by trying to lift her head off.  This practice is supposed to strengthen her back and also promote the crawling and finally walking.
Oops road signI noticed that it also teaches another lesson. The first few months after she got tiered  she would just plop on her face on the bed. Eventually as her motor skills developed, she learned to use her hands or to turn her head when she got tiered. It did not happen at once. In fact there were a few months of constantly “falling on her face” before she and her body figured out “how to fall”.
Imagine if you have never fallen down until you are 20 years old. Then you suddenly stumble and fall face first. Having never had to deal with falling, you are going to most likely smash your face on the concrete, brake many bones, bleed all over yourself and wonder what the  #%#@# happened.  This is the same situation with mistakes of any kind. Why is it understandable with growing up and walking but not with everything else amazes me?  If we never ever make mistakes, by the time we do make that first mistake it would be a big one and we would not really know how to deal with the mistake. Most likely it would be difficult to recover from it.  
Mistakes are a part of, and a necessary ingeredient of growing and maturing in any endevour. If you want to get good at anything you will no doubt make mistakes. Sometimes more than once. Each time you make a mistake you will learn something new. Even if you don’t think you do, you are learning.  The biggest caveat is that if you make your mistakes little by little when the bigger opportunities come you can take advantage of them.
Computer screen with a problem and showing an error messageI have made many mistakes, some of which have cost me dearly. I can think about them and complain, blame or have self-pity or  I can thank my lucky stars that I made that mistake and for that reason I will not delve into a bigger mistake and can profit from it in the future. Mistakes are sweat equity of opportunity.
Here is where the use of MENTORS come in. It is always nicer to learn from other people's mistakes. Just like the  POST ON MASTER MIND  you do not necessarily have to have a living mentor. You learn and can be mentored by books, and other form of media. In this time of technology there is so much information at the tip of your finger that there is really no reason for you not to be able to do some of your own due diligence.  Type a question on or and you will have thousands of answers and videos to show you how to do something right and in many cases how to avoid most common mistakes associated with the task. It does take time but if you have made costly mistakes like I have it will be well worth the time and effort to check out  and learn from other people's mistakes.
As always I hope this was helpful to you and you enjoyed the post. Feel free to comment here or on our Facebook page. Until next Tuesday here is to your success.

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