Tuesday, April 23, 2013


This universe is a loving and inclusive universe. What this means to you is that there are skills that you need to understand, learn and apply when it comes to dealing with universal laws. If you do not understand these skills you will be apt to make errors in utilizing the magnificent power of the universal laws and you will start to doubt your ability to be able to succeed. It would be analogous to having been placed in a swimming pool and asked to swim the length of the pool but no one has ever taught you how to swim. You may attempt to go across. You may even succeed by dog paddling across. The process however, will be long, difficult and full of swallowing water.
 The positive is that when you give attention to things that you want, when you are positively thinking about the things that you want, and are feeling great, those great feelings will bring more and more opportunities for you to feel great. The part that you need to be aware of and not make a mistake about is that when you also give negative attention to things that you DO NOT want the universe will also bring more and more of those things to you because the universe does not recognize words of negation. It is a loving universe and it works based on your attention to some topic and not based on what your words say.  So when you say “no, no I don’t want to be sick, I don’t want debts, I don’t want bills…” more and more of sickness, debt and bills will come to you because you are giving these subjects your attention.
Yin And Yang Symbol Stock Photo - 27218890That is why the more you struggle with the things you don’t want the more they come your way. Have you heard the saying “what you resist, persists”?  When you are trying to struggle against hitting red lights in the traffic, more traffic and more red lights will come to you. So what you need to do is to change your attention and start looking for things that feel good. Slowly, slowly start to change your thought patterns and your feelings to things that you like, and you enjoy and you feel good about and more of those things will come your way. Put in a CD of a music you like, turn your iPod on full blast and groove to the music as you are sitting in traffic. Listen to an inspiring audio book. Admire the surrounding scenery or technology if applicable. Do whatever it takes to feel good, but remember you CANNOT FAKE THIS. It is not what you are telling yourself, it is how you feel.
Ballance Stock Images - 17475644Remember that there is wanted and unwanted with everything that you think about. That is the balance of universe. The Yin and the Yang. So it is up to you to direct your emotions towards the things that you want. Notice I did not say “and away from things you don’t want”, because I do not even want to give attention to what I don’t want. There will never be a perfect place where everything is going your way. You have to constantly turn your emotions towards the good things and deliberately create that perfect place for yourself.  That is the reason working with the Law of Attraction is referred to as “deliberate creation” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Such a perfect description of the process.
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