Tuesday, April 16, 2013


If this is the case, does it make sense that if we have a desire there is no way of achieving it? Of course not. In a world that is so mathematically and spiritually perfect when we have a desire we also have the power of achieving it. That is the whole point of the law of attraction and it is validated by both science and religion. How cool is that, that everything is in harmony.

Good day and I hope you are having a great day. Today I want to marvel at how cool this world that we live in is? This world is logical and precise  no matter if you believe in God or science, or both.  You have to admit that this world is logical and precise. We as humans are a part of this world and hence are built logically and precisely.

It is in perfect harmony with the source to have desires. It is in perfect harmony with the source to want what is best for you. It is also in perfect harmony with the source to receive all of those things.  This is a universal law.

The fact that this universal law has been around longer than mankind has been in existence, does not excuse ignorance of it. Through the teachings of this blog and other teachers you are learning to utilize the tools that are available to you. You have the control to make your own destiny. This taking of responsibility maybe scary but at the same time it is empowering. After all if someone else is responsible for your success or failure you are out of control.  Nothing takes away the will to succeed worse than being out of control. So stop it right there. You have total control.

You also have to know that the fact that you desire things is normal. This process should not be stalled or looked upon with scorn. As human beings  it is our privilege to desire better things. This is something that will never end. And that is good. How boring things would be if we settle. We are the top of  the food chain. We were meant to "inherit the earth". If the preceding paragraph has evoked the emotion of guilt in you, there lies the problem. You are coming from the point of scarcity. Until that is resolved success will continue to elude you. The sooner you believe with all your heart that you deserve the best, the sooner you will achieve the success that you were meant to have.

Use your feelings and your emotions. They are the best tools for you and they were  given to you from birth . If things do not feel good they are not in your best interests. If you are feeling bad you will continually attract things that will make you feel bad by the law of attraction. Conversely when you feel great  you are in harmony with the vibration of the source. You are meant to feel good. The more you can help your self feel-good the more opportunities will come to you to make you feel good.

Darts hitting a targetI agree that it is difficult to feel good when you are in a state of feeling bad. I agree that it is difficult to feel joyous about something that you want, but you lack. Difficult however, does not mean impossible. You must, I repeat you must, learn to feel good about the things that you want before actually acquiring them. That is manifesting by intent rather than by default like most people do. It is only difficult because that is the way we have been raised to believe. Have you heard  that it takes hard work to succeed? It takes money to make money? You have to be the right place at the right time to win? All of this negativity has been drilled into your subconscious since you were a child. Now you are waking up to the truth. It is bound to be difficult, and will take baby steps. Imagine however the new habits that you are teaching your subconscious and the wealth, health, and prosperity that will ensue. I can see you smiling at that thought. Keep it going.

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