Tuesday, July 19, 2011


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Today I want to talk about a concept that is one of the 17 principles of success according to Napoleon Hill in his famous best seller Think and Grow Rich. That is the concept of a mastermind group. Many successful people site this principle as one of the keys to their success. In nutshell, Mastermind is group of advisers/friends that you surround yourself with as experts to help you achieve your goals . The principle of Mastermind rests on the idea of synergy and the  cooperation between many minds to help achieve success in a common goal, sooner and easier than a person could do on their own.
Jack Canfiled said that your wealth, and your level of success is directly proportional to the 5 closest people that you associate with. So you want to have people in your mastermind group that are above your level in their achievement and expertise. You want to associate with people that you want to be like. If you are the sharpest person in your mastermind group then you need to expand your box.
I am often asked by people how do I go about getting involved with a mastermind group, or how do I create a mastermind group if I am new in a field. How can I find people that are above my level. That is a great question. It was difficult for me to find the answer to this because I thought like most people that I have to be an expert to find a mastermind group. The truth is that most people who have achieved success are very open to helping people who are serious and committed and respectful. So the first step is to just ASK. Find a person that has achieved what you want and ask them how they got there?
Another really nice way of creating a mastermind that utilizes The Law of Attraction and visualization and has been talked about by Napoleon Hill himself is actually creating a mastermind group in your mind. Visualize people, dead or alive, that you want to immolate. Read as much as you can about them. Try to get to know what they did and what their philosophy and habits were. How they conducted themselves in business and in their personal lives. Then visualize having a roundtable discussion with them in your mind on a daily bases. Napoleon Hill mentions that in his mental mastermind he regularly had people like Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte, Henry Ford and other great minds of his time and of history.  On a nightly bases he would sit, concentrate, and have outright discussions with them.  After a while his confidence grew, because not only was he having discussions with his heroes, but he was the moderator of this group of advisers. It became so real to him that at times he had inspirations coming to him immediately.
This is a skill that you already have, but may have forgotten. If you think back to your childhood, remember those times when you were playing with your sports heroes on the playground. Did you have a basketball game all by yourself, but pretended to be playing against a  Michael Jordan, or a Magic Johnson. These are the skills you had when you were a child. We tend to loose the skills of visualization as we grow up because we think it is not acceptable by the society. But  those are powerful sources of your inspiration and you can tap into them.
The benefit of doing this type of exercise is that once your mind becomes focused on a particular principle through  these visualizations, you will start finding opportunities to meet people that will match the areas of success that you are striving for. They will come into your lives. You will see opportunities to expand a real mastermind group. That has to happen based on the Law of Attraction. Soon your imaginary mastermind group will turn into a real mastermind group.
I hope this is helpful. Here is to your success. Feel free to share this with anyone who could benefit.

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