Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Good day everyone,
I am sitting in Madrid international airport waiting for a flight so I thought I would try to get ahead and write a post for future date. The past 3 days have been full of learning experiences for me. I share them here in the hopes that it may help someone in a similar situation.
On Friday when I returned from a business trip late in the evening, I was going through my mail for the week and noticed a letter from the IRS. Naturally I tore through it and noticed they had send me a bill for $14,000 for discrepancies in my 2009 1040. Not exactly the type of mail I was looking for during a weekend where I would be flying out of the country and had very little access to phone, Internet, customer service etc to deal with the matter. Normally I would have felt a pang of frustration that eventually would have lead to anger. But I guess writing on this blog finally has paid off and I instantly recognized the surge of uncomfortable feelings. I concentrated on trying to slowly turn it around. I knew I could not let it get out hand because my entire trip and the entire week were at risk not to mention the one day I had to spend with my family. It also helped that as I forced my face to smile and started reaching for thoughts to work towards feeling a little better, my wife commented that ¨"you are taking this really well". She always knows what to say and to help me come back to the path. I love her.

So slowly I started to rationalize that I have very competent tax advisor with whom I have been working for 7 years. I am sure he would be able to fix this situation. I send him an e-mail not really expecting to hear from him as it was a weekend and during off season they only work Monday through Thursday. I also kept on reaching for good feelings. I used logic to empower myself. I could take it step by step and figure out what is going on. As I was researching the letter, my tax advisor shot back an e-mail with guidance. The customer service was not available but on Monday I talked to them and it turned out to be a simple situation that needs doccumentation and will work itself out.

The important thing is that as I was flying out of San Diego on Sunday on my way to France, the flight was diverted to Los Angeles due to mechanical issue, and after 4 hours in the airport I was placed on British Airways instead of my original American Airlines. Well things could not have worked out better. The plane on British Airways had their own monitor so I saw 4 of the movies I have been wanting to see. Since I was on BA, I could use their lounge with my American Airlines status. Ironically if I was on American I could not use the admiral club because that is extra cost. Not only that since the entire trip now was on partner airlines, I was able to use the business lounges in London, and in Madrid. So I got to eat for free, use the internet for free, take a nap on a bed for free in the airport durring the layover. What could have been a huge disasterous weekend was one of the easiest trips I have taken internationally in a long time.

It is all in how I CHOSE TO LOOK AT THE SITUATION AND LISTEN TO MY GUIDANCE SYSTEM. My feelings as Jerry and Esther Hicks refer to is the guidance system. When I realized I was starting to feel bad I immediatly took control and reached for small steps towards feeling a little better. It was not easy. That first few hours after seeing the letter, took real effort and control to just keep neutral, but it did the trick. Slowly the frustration went to problem solving, to hope and optimism, to reaching for expert guidance, and to locially working the problem one step at time given what I had to deal with (i.e. weekend, and no access), and not worrying about what I could not do.

With practice this process gets easier. It does take effort but holly cow what a difference it made. I am certain that had I let that letter push me into the abyss of anger, the flight issue would have just unraveled me. It would have been so much more difficult to try to fix the barrage of things that the law of attraction was bringing to me, but by taking control and thinking thought that made me feel a little better one step at a time I used the Law of Attraction on purpose to bring more and more situations that were going to make me feel better instead of going on autopilot and being dictated to by default like most people allow.

So monitor your feelings. Bad feelings are a true blessing because they are telling you that you are heading off course and you need to make corrections. Listen to them and use them to head off any issue right at the beggining. With practice it will become second nature, and you will live your life by design.

I hope this helps. Best wishes for your success this week.

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