Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Good day and I hope your 2013 is going well.
In this 2nd week of the year I was inspired to talk about the old saying “if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything”.
I am sure we all have heard of it at one time or  another. In my case my grate grandmother use to tell me this. I have noticed this is an advice that is usually given by people who are more mature in age. In my experience much more people have heard of this than practice it. Today I want to delve into the powerful Law ofAttraction force behind this saying. You can probably take the thread from here if you are a reader of my blog. If not here it is.
When you do not practice the advice in this saying you are apt to criticize, gossip, blame, complain or in general express yourself in a nonproductive, and what I refer to as a negative vibrational state. The problem is that usually when we are in such a state we are very emotional about the subject of our conversation. That emotion as you know powers the vibration that we are sending out to the source and by The Law of Attraction we will get more and more opportunities to feel that way. So let’s examine what type of circumstances we are attracting to ourselves.
Gossip, blame, criticism, complaining all bring about circumstances for us to do things that we do not want to have in our life. Why would we intentionally go about sabotaging our life by attracting so much of what we do not want? Because that is what we are used to doing. Even people who by now know about The Law of Attraction, get caught up in the moment. Why? Simply because we are not on guard about our circumstances every moment of every day. The majority of people even in 2013, either do not understand how The Law of Attraction works, don’t care about it, don’t believe in it, or are unaware of it. When we run into enough of these people we are bound to get caught up in the moment. That is why having rules of thumb like the above statement helps us be on guard. It brings us back to reality and now that you are reading this blog it will add some logic and fuel to the” why” of the whole thing.
So now let consider what happens if we do exhibit some discipline and hold our peace if we don’t have any good thing to say.
At first it is like we have to bite our tongue. We have to control our urges and that can be trying at times. In time  though, the urge does go away. That brings with it some major benefits among which are increase discipline which expands our comfort zone, as well as attraction of more and more positivity. When we stick to this saying we may find ourselves trying to bring positivity to the conversation if we are faced with it, or we take the choice of taking ourselves out of the situation all together.  Bringing positivity sends out the vibration that will bring with it more of what we are now concentrating on, which is what we want to have since it is positive to us.
We have increased our discipline, expanded our horizon by controlling our urges and brought about more positive energy to enjoy. Did you ever thing that shutting up would be so beneficial? Neither did I.
I Hope you enjoyed this short post. As always please feel free to pass this along to anyone who may benefit from it and make sure to comment here or on our facebook page.

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