Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. Today I want to use some general principles in Quantum Mechanics to help understand what is going on with The Law of Attraction (LOA) when resistance is involved with your manifestation. This will be a cursory view and something a little different than my usual explanation of the basics of The Law of Attraction in hopes that for those of you who are more analytical and scientifically minded, there will be a logical explanation and assistance to get you over the resistance you may have been faced with. For others this will be yet another way to see how magnificent Universal laws can be explained in every way, and make sense no matter what your background.

If you have not  done so, please go to YouTube and search for the “Double Slit Experiment”.  It is a short cartoon summary of the basics of Quantum Physics. It shows that the smallest unit of energy, an electron, can act as a wave and as a particle.  This was mind blowing. Electrons are wave like and when there is an observer placed on the experiment they literally manifested into particles. How cool is that? Energy is usually seen as waves. In essence your thoughts are waves that with attention, can manifest into your reality.  This was very comforting for me when I first started to study The Law of Attraction. As a scientist I needed a solid logical foundation to understanding what everyone was saying about The Law of Attraction.  Up to that point the concepts surrounding LOA were just theory to me, and that caused me to have doubt. Doubt is a form of resistance just like negative beliefs. 

From a Quantum Mechanics point of view, when I doubted I was not on the same vibration as what I wanted and was visualizing.  When I was not in “resonance” or in “harmony” with the vibrational level of what I wanted to manifest, I was faced with disappointment.  You have heard me explain the frustration I had with trying to get my mother to understand and believe in the LOA, as being on the 101st floor of a sky scraper and shouting to her on the 3rd floor. It just was not practical. There were only two options. Get her to come up in her vibration to my level (good), or sink down from my vibration to her level (not so good). I found myself sinking and immediately my feelings would send out the warning signs in the form of feelings of sadness, or helplessness, or regret.  You see those feelings are not good and without knowing the basics of LOA, it would have been really easy to get caught up in those feelings and by consequence attract more of those negativity to myself. Even practicing and studying the LOA for many years, I still get side tracked at times. Don’t worry if this happens to you. Remember if you get caught up in beating yourself up for making mistakes, you are just coming further and further down the vibrational continuum. 

Let me give you a very solid example involving money.  Everyone seems to be able to relate to money. We have all heard of people who win the lottery or a very big jackpot somewhere and are suddenly thrown  into wealth, only to have lost it all or worse within a short period of time. Why does things like that happen? It happens allot so it is not just chance.  We have also seen companies that are doing really well, and suddenly expand and grow by leaps and bounds,  and then suddenly they  cannot handle the success and fail.  I think you are starting to see the pattern. Here is the basic Quantum explanation for this as I understand it.  When you are not on the same vibrational level of the status of wealth/success you wish, you will either not reach it or you will fail when you are there.

Said another way, if you cannot handle your money problems on a $30,000 annual income, can you imagine how much greater those problems and worries will be when you are making $1,000,000 per year? Many people think it is easy to be wealthy. As though problems just disappear. The reality is that you have to be ready for wealth. You have bring your vibration to the point where you can handle wealth.  How do you achieve this? By learning to handle what you have now. How do you do that? The easiest way is to be grateful for whatever you have now.  By learning more about how money works. By being responsible with your money now. The more you learn about a subject the more clear you are about exactly what you want, the more inline you are  with the vibration of what you want. That is why I devoted over 6 chapters in my book Road Map to Life: A real world lesson, to setting goals. You have to be really clear and ready for what it is you want.

It is harder for scientists to grasp this point sometimes. If you have faith you can chalk it up to “It was not meant to be”.  For those of us who happen to need a little more, it is like stepping into an advanced chemistry lab and try to do experiments with dangerous chemicals without knowing the basics of chemistry.  Not a good place to be.  So if “what” you want to manifest is delayed and you are having resistance to achieving it, concentrate on it and get clear on the subject. Learn more and more about it. When you can see it in your mind clearly as though it was there in every detail, it will have to also manifest in your reality. It is law.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please feel free to share it with anyone who can benefit, and make comments on my Facebook Page and Twitterfeed by clicking the blue link associated with each. See you next week and here is to your success.

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