Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Today I want to go into some detail about increasing your effectiveness when you are setting goals and visualizing. There are many steps to creating your reality as you wish it to be.  We have talked in detail about the power of visualization and affirmations. We have talked about being positive. We have also discussed that we need to believe that we can have what we want in order to receive it. Today I will go deeper into this concept.

As we have discussed the Law of Attraction is amplified by our feelings, and beliefs. So even though setting goals and repeating affirmations and doing visualizations are better than nothing, if you can inject a solid belief and faith that you can achieve your visualization you will exponentially increase the power of your manifestation.  The other day I was listening to Think and Grow Rich once again as I do many times each year, and a sentence in the chapter on faith stood out.  It was “… The emotions of love is very much like faith”.  The moral of the chapter on faith was that you can significantly increase your belief in yourself if you can bring the emotion of love into the picture. The examples provided in the book refer to the fact that many of the most successful men of the times, had the love of a significant other in their life. That had a great impact in their motivation to succeed.  I wanted to emphasize that point because I don’t believe if it is clear how important, and how much help this method of visualization or motivation can be in your success. 

To me it was a revelation at the time although it is very obvious now.  When you are setting goals, and when you are visualizing something you want to manifest, think deep and see if there is someone special in your life that you can link the emotion of love to, with your goals.  It is simple to say and visualize that for example “I want to be a millionaire and drive this Porsche 911 turbo, convertible, or I want to have that house” but the visualization’s impact and the power of the vibration will be significantly higher it you say for example “I want to be a millionaire because I love my wife and children. I don’t want my wife to be working anymore. I want my kids to go to the best schools so they can have the best chances that life can offer them.”   You can see indeed there is a difference in motivation and belief in the second example than the first.

The second part of the equation is persistence. By inputting the emotion of love you have increased the vibration of your thoughts, by continuously reaffirming and being persistence you will DEVELOP the faith and the belief that supercharges  your manifestation. Combining the habit of not stopping until you get what you want with the power of love will bring self-confidence in your ability. It will built faith where there may not be any.  This is the recipe for success in any walk of life. Remember success sometimes wants to play games with us, to test us to see if we are ready for it. Don’t stop when  things go wrong. Change your plans and keep on going, never stopping short of what you desire. 

I hope this helped and clarified another method of increasing your success with the use of The Law of Attraction (LOA). Please feel  free to share this with anyone who may benefit. Please leave me comments and your experiences on my Facebook Page, and Twitter feed by clicking the blue link for each and help others benefit from your wisdom. Until next week, to your success.

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