Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Today I want to explore the reason why there is only a very small percentage of people in any field that reach the top 2%. You always hear that 2-3% of the population control the wealth, or success or anything in different fields.  Have you ever thought what makes them succeed? Why is it that the top is only reserved for the few? Why is this principle repeated over and over and in a vast array of different fields with consistency?  Is there a preverbal deck that is stacked against the common man? Far from it. It is just a matter of changing you thought patterns and displaying a little effort.

 I have been studying success and The Law of Attraction for many years now, and this post came to me as I was driving through central California staring at acres and acres of open fields.  There were many variations to what I observed. There were many fields that were plowed and were neatly prepared for planting. There were also many fields that were at the tail end of the harvest season, in disarray and having weeds growing all over.  There were fields of immaculately placed rows of blooming trees and flowers, and there were places where it seemed no one had lifted a hand for years. 

I likened these fields to our minds.  Our minds are the most important fertile fields that we have at our control.  The reason why many people will not achieve the success level of the top 2% is that most people leave their fields to chance, or take very little time to prepare and care for these fields to harvest the rewards.  For the longest time now I have developed the habit of listening to positive books on tapes or seminars as I drive long distances or as I fly.  I rarely listen to music now days, or watch news or stuff on T.V.  Weeds grow very easily.  They require little, to no care to flourish.  The  same is even more true with our minds.  Negativity, poverty, and thoughts of lack of success are weeds. They really do not require you to give any effort for them to take root in your mind. You never see someone wanting to be poor. You rarely see people working hard to fail, yet many do because they allow their mind to be populated with weeds. 

Success however, be it wealth or any other thing, requires you to prepare the field of your mind like a farmer painstakingly prepares his field for harvest.  You have to feed your mind positivity.  You have to feed your mind and take care of those thoughts, and those desires by being specific and doing definite planning. When you do this your mind will be increasing its vibration and plans and opportunities for success will come to you.  If you neglect your mind and allow negativity to take over the field, it will be seeded with weeds.  It will be disorganized and have no focus.  It will be ground for growth of useless and self-defeating thoughts that you are bombarded with on a daily bases, many so subtle that you do not even recognize them as having taken anchor in your mind. Take care to cultivate your mind exactly as you would want to harvest.  Pay attention to what you put into your mind and you will see the manifestation of all of your dreams.
I hope this was helpful. Please share this with anyone who may benefit and as always comment on this post or any other post by coming to my Facebook Page or sending me a Tweet on twitter. To your success till next week.

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