Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great week.  Today I want to discuss the topic of getting stuck on some idea, or having a block, or hitting the wall mentally . It seems so frustrating when you are in the midst of some idea or project and then suddenly nothing. As though you went through “the zone” and then just fell out of it. The frustration feeds itself like a negative feedback loop and it all makes sense from the stand point of The Law of Attraction (LOA). When you get frustrated you will continue to attract more and more incidences to get frustrated. What is the solution? I am sure you are guessing at the answer.

In pursuit of success and any goal or worthwhile aim it is not uncommon for us to become stuck, or feel like we do not have the answers. I liken this to my computer suddenly freezing.  The solution is almost the same. It is very simple in principle, however it is not as easy in practice.  I have to come to realize that when my computer freezes , one of the first actions my tech support asks me to take is to reboot my system. About 80-90% of the problems are fixed by rebooting my system. The same analogy holds true with your mental computer with even better stats.  When you are concentrating deeply and intensely on a subject sometimes your minds need to be refreshed. It needs to stop thinking, relax, and be refreshed.  One of the great ways of refreshing your mental computer and rebooting it is by simple meditation.  If you have never meditated it may seem like some mysterious powerful technique you have to learn through master and student linage in Tibet.   I assure you however, it is simpler than you may think.  You can meditate by just concentrating on your breathing.  You can amplify this by lying back, closing your eyes, and visualizing different parts of your body to concentrate on.  Start at your toes and move up your muscle groups all the way to the muscles of your face and your head, slowly tensing and relaxing them for 5 seconds each.  This type of meditation is extremely powerful in clearing your mind so when you start to concentrate and think about your challenges your ideas will come a more creative and relaxed place.  If you don’t have the time to lie down and go through the visualization of each body part, sit down and relax and concentrate for few minutes on your breathing. Inhaling through your nose and feeling your stomach expand, and exhaling through your mouth and feeling  your stomach contract. Like there is a balloon in your tummy and you are filling it up and emptying it. This will allow the lower portions of your lung to get into the action, something that western breathing does not do. We tend to breath with our upper chest. Deep breathing is both relaxing and rejuvenating  for the brain. You will not levitate, but you will feel relaxed and that is all meditation is really. 

If you can do this for a few minutes it also takes your mind to a place of rest. Do not be disturbed or concerned if your mind wonders and thoughts rush in. There is a joke that if you want to remember something just try to meditate.  It will happen specially in the beginning. Simply acknowledge that thoughts came, accept them and let them go by coming back to your breathing, or concentrating on different parts of your body. Don’t fight the thoughts. Do not judge the thoughts or yourself. The brain likes to link thoughts, and so as you start to think of many things that will occur to you when you are trying to do this, you need to come to something that does not lead to anything else mentally, hence the concentration of your breathing. Some people find it helpful to count their breaths, in and out. Play with this and different methods and see which works better for you.  Give your mind a reboot from time to time. It will pay great dividends.

I hope you found this post helpful and please share this with anyone who may benefit. Also share your methods and techniques for meditation on my Facebook page and twitter so everyone can benefit from different points of view and be exposed to different valuable techniques.  To your success till next week.

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