Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Today I want to talk about something that I heard Dr. Joe Vitale say in an interview. That is “ideas are gifts. You have to honor them”.  How often do you actually do this? What emotions do you go through when you have an idea?  How do you treat something that you think can be great when it initially occurs to you? Do you take immediate action or like most people do nothing, or worse think of all the negativity and obstacles.

 One thing that Dr. Vitale mentioned in that interview hit me like a brick in its profoundness. He said that most people, when ideas come to them “start thinking about what cannot be accomplished. They start having doubts and fears. They start deemphasizing the idea”. What separates people who are successful from people who may talk a good game but have no accomplishments, as well as those who are not successful, is the fact that successful people treat ideas as GIFTS from the Source.  They honor the ideas.  How do they honor these ideas? They thank the Source for those ideas. Most importantly they act on those ideas, frequently and immediately when those ideas come to them.

In Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill mentions that when an idea comes to you it is like an infant. It is fragile and needs attention or it will perish.  The more attention in the form of  action you give to it during the birth of that idea, the more chances that idea has to succeed. However most of us, when we have some idea, do not do this. If we are lucky we write it down. Then these ideas just sit. As time passes we think about all the things that can go wrong, and all the obstacles that are in our way of making those idea a reality.  The comfort zone mentality rears its ugly head. We have no thoughts about how to take action as opposed to honoring those ideas by concentrating on those ideas and sitting down and coming up with plans to put those ideas into actions. The first plan may not be any good, may not be applicable, and may not even be practical, but the mere fact that you sit down and put your ideas on paper and work on it opens up the vibration that you are ready to move to a different level. It may take a few different tries. Each one is showing the Source that you are in fact serious about doing something and are not just waiting for a  handout. When you start to work on those ideas, by The Law of Attraction (LOA) opportunities and solutions will come to you to help you progress step by step to make your idea manifest into a reality. You then have to recognize and take action on each step.

Most people think that they have to wait for their whole plan  to materialize in perfect detail to start something. This may look good on paper but it is rarely the case. Most people started and made course corrections along the way as very rarely things go exactly as planned.  If you just ignore your ideas, and do not honor the Source that sends it to you, they will start to decrease, and soon they will find someone who is actually going to do something with them.  Regret is the worst feeling in the world. Do not let your ideas fly by and regret that you never did anything. Take responsibility and honor your ideas by taking immediate action when they occur to you. Regardless of the size of action, start and do something to progress your ideas. It does not have to be big action. Baby step your way through the actions.  You will be happy you did. Take your future into your hand.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and as always please feel free to share this with anyone who can benefit from it. I also want to hear from you on times when you took action on your ideas, or when you did not take action and saw your idea come to life sometimes later by someone else. I think we can all learn from practical experience. Please  post your comments on my Facebook Page or on my Twitter by clicking the blue link for each site. As always I hope you have  a great week, and to your success.

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