Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. To day I have a real useable, workable technique for you.  I had a hard time putting it into use for years because I really did not understand the power it provided until by accident I stumbled on it working like magic.  I tested it a few time to see if I was actually manifesting what I wanted or it was just coincident, and you guessed it,  there are no coincidences when you use LOA.

A little background first. One of my favorite books is SUCCESS WITH A POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE. In it there is a story of W. Clement Stone helping  design a course to enable people (insurance sales men) succeed in their business. The key premiss of the training is that if you want to feel a certain way act that way.  Lets practice: if you want to be positive, act positively. If you want to feel healthy, act healthy. If you want to be enthusiastic, act enthusiastically. It worked for the students. You see the negative result of it every day. Just take a look around you.  If you act miserably, you will feel miserable.  If you act sad, you will feel sad.  If you act broke, you will be broke.  How do people act most of the time when challenges come along? Negatively. Well you will feel negative as a result.

Now to the meat of the matter and something you can actually use.  This is FREE.  It is so simple I would feel like a thief if I charged for it. :-)
I usually have a hard time putting my 2 years old to sleep at night. Initially she will throw a fuss and it starts to really stress me out. I also have noticed the outcome of how quickly we go from fussing to peaceful sleep is directly proportional to how I am feeling. When I am frustrated and not in control of my emotions we just feed each others negativity or as Ekhart Tolle puts it "pain body".

One night I was feeling really sarcastic but playful. I had just listed to the book SUCCESS WITH A POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE for the umpteenth time, and for some reason I saw myself on stage as I was putting my daughter to sleep.  My wife was outside in the backyard with my oldest, so the house seemed empty.  As my 2 years old started her tantrum, I went into presentation mode explaining to the imaginary audience how this is a challenge and to deal with it you have to keep control of your feeling.  All this is being done out loud, which for me is the key in its success.  I actually talked to my 2 years old in the middle of her screaming saying that you are now a challenge for me and even though I cannot control what you are doing I can control my feeling towards what is happening and I am acting happy.  For some reason the process of talking it out loud worked a little like the Sedona method in that I was expressing the problem out loud and facing it, so it lost power, as well as the fact that I was at first sarcastically trying to act happy.  She fell sleep with in one minute of me talking constantly like this to her.  More importantly I DID NOT feel the anger, frustration, or the helplessness I usually feel.

I have been trying this all over.  It is a bit weirded in public but I am a public speaker and trainer so I can always chalk it up as practicing a presentation.  I also happen to live in Southern California where people talking out loud to themselves is really not that unusual.

Try this the next time you find yourself in a problem.  Talk out the issue out loud.  It helps to state how you do not want to feel and then it will lead you to what it is you want to feel.  If you want to feel like ______ then act ____. It works like a charm.

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  1. The law of success is always possible if we just let every positive thing come into our lives. We must also take action and have the will to achieve our goals.


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