Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. For today’s post I am taking a note from my real life experience going through school as an adult. I am taking some economic courses as part of my MBA study and some of the topics discussed as tenants of economics got me thinking about what I have allowed to enter my subconscious mind as truth that may or may not be helpful to me. 

As I recall, when I was in high school, I took the word of the instructor or the text book as gospel without question. I dare to say I kept on with this habit well into my medical education. This time around, I have the benefit of experience to the contrary.  Since I am a student of The Law of Attraction, I have a hard time accepting some of the core economic concepts like “Scarcity” and “Production Possibilities Curve”  which state that as we demand a certain product or service, the resources to make another product are depleted so there will be less of that product available.  Another words there are opportunity costs for producing one product versus the other. 

Since I need to pass this class I have to abide by these premises and pass the exams by these rules, but I am wondering how much more of what I studied in school has contributed to the number of resistance beliefs that I  may not even be aware that I have. This fact makes me even more motivated to spread the information about The Law of Attraction to our younger generation of students who are embarking on their educational paths.  With the information about how The Law of Attraction works and the premise that there is “no scarcity”, our youngsters can filter the information they learn as opposed to having it totally bypass their gate keeper and go to their subconscious and become a belief. Having this information will, I hope, allow our youngsters to challenge the ideas they learn as opposed to blindly accepting them to pass a class not realizing that those ideas are now forming their paradigm for life.

From experience I have learned the value of financial education.  Here however, I need to add an important caveat that it is important to learn the financial education and test it in the real world and not just be satisfied with the classroom education.  I recall reading somewhere that in the early 1950’s the director of the U.S. Patent office declared that “everything that could be invented has been invented”.  How ludicrous that idea sounds now in hind sight?  I wonder if a day soon will come that we will look at the basic concepts of modern economics and declare “how closed minded we were to accept them as solid truth” much like when people “knew” for a fact that the world was flat at one time in our history.

If all economic policies are being made by people who have taken the scarcity concept as a belief, how can we ever prosper?  If all we know is that only competition is the way to win, how can we shape our reality to the more positive and deliberate manifesting?  So if you are a student, think carefully about what you are learning.  Question everything. If these concepts were true,  80% of self-made millionaires in the world should not have succeeded. They did not believe what was dictated to them in school, perhaps as a result of not being able to complete higher education.  They manifested their own economic principles.  If you are a parent, challenge the children to be open to other ideas and carefully filter the limiting beliefs your children learn in schools, while their subconscious guard is down.  School, while important , is a game.  There are rules to any game and if we want to win in school we follow the rules.  Just like the game of “Chutes and Ladders”, because I slide down the snake in the game, it does not mean that in the real world I go looking for snakes to slide down on.  Learning what seems like common, well established “principles” is only a step to winning the game of school, but without thought and concentration it may  not necessarily help you with the game of life. 

Remember in life YOU make the rules.  Also remember that weather you believe this or not you are right. That is the law of attraction. How cool is that?  I hope this post was of benefit to you and as always please feel free to share it with anyone who can benefit from it. As always please comment with your opinions and views on my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter. Until next week, to your success.

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