Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a blast this week. The other week I was driving from Minneapolis to Austin Minnesota in the dark of the night when I ran into a heavy fog on the way.  There was not another single car or truck on the highway, so I had my high beams on.  Instinctively I shifted my high beams to low beams hearing my high school drivers ed teacher's voice in my head “always turn your high beams off in the fog because the light will reflect off of the water droplets and blind you".  This gave me the topic of this week’s blog post.   I am always grateful and amazed at the way these posts come to me. I hope you share in my amazement.

I recall listening to Jack Canfield recount his mentors lesson. W. Clement Stone used to say “you can drive from New York to Los Angeles in the dark by just seeing the 200 feet illuminated by your head lights”.  That saying has many lessons in it. It is about faith as well as planning and confidence in yourself and in The Source.  Here I want to expand on the saying that W. Clement Stone coined so long ago.  I want to add “when you are driving in the dark it is OK to turn your high beams on and look ahead a bit more, however when you hit the fog, make sure to use your low beams or better yet use the yellow fog lamps and proceed a bit more slowly”.  In the real world terms, it is OK to plow ahead and look to the big picture when things are going according to plans.  When you are faced with the challenges of life i.e. the Fog, you need to really slow down, and concentrate on small steps right in front of you, and move one step at a time.  It also helps to like many other countries that equip their vehicles with yellow fog lamps, to get out of your routine and step out of the box. You have to be open to other ideas that may not be routine thinking to you.  Look to the wisdom from people who have experienced the fog before and have learned that yellow fog lamps work better. 

This post goes hand in hand with my other post called The Forest Is Too Overwhelming.  When we get used to doing things a certain way, when unexpected challenges face us, we think that the same actions that were working will continue to see us through, or we get lost in the overwhelming big picture.  Slow down, break the challenge down. Try to use the same imagination and creativity that helped you succeed, and see if there are other ways that you can attack your challenge.  You’ll be amazed at how just sitting in a quiet place with pen and paper and writing a question you  are pondering as though you are writing and asking The Source for advice, can help.  You must then be quiet and listen.  Listen for the answers that flood your mind.  Write them down.  You’re an amazing being and The Source loves you and wants to help you if you just ask and listen to the advice.  This is just one out of the box type of thinking.  What other techniques have you used to tackle challenges that were out of the box? Share them on our Facebook page.  We can all benefit from your experiences.  Just create comments on the tag that had this blog posts notice on it.  Lets see how many techniques we can all come up with over 500 people on the page regularly. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and please feel free to share this with anyone who can benefit from it.   As always comment on our Facebook page and do not forget to follow me on Twitter

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