Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. I was on a plane doing some of my MBA homework in economics and a series of concepts prompted me to put up this post. I hope you enjoy them. I promise it is not as boring as the subject of economics and the macro and micro portions of that.

There are things that we do on a daily bases that do not require us to know the intricacies of the process in order to be successful at them.  Take driving a car for example. You normally do not need to know how the car works to drive it.  It suffices to know that when  you press the gas and the car goes faster and you press the breaks and the car slows down. When the car breaks down however, you need more knowledge of the different bits and pieces that make up the machinery to be able to go about fixing the problem, or you seek advice from someone who is familiar with those specifics.

Same type of thinking applies to the Law of Attraction.  The majority of people can benefit from a cursory knowledge of the Law of Attraction (LOA), what I like to call macro-LOA.  Think good thoughts, and your reality reflects it. Stay positive, live in the now, and you will get opportunities for more of them to enjoy.  All is good and well  as long as things are going along smoothly.  When things don’t go the way we want, or if we are faced with a situation where due to lack of deliberate intent we ended up by default in a less than pleasing situation, then the knowledge of micro-LOA is imperative to be able to change the situation and our behavior.  All you need to really grasp the fullness of what I just mentioned is to think about the last time you had a bad day.  It is not easy for most people to turn their feelings around on a dime. When you are upset, angry, feel like you have been wronged, you rarely have access to the good and positive feelings that are needed to get you out of your rut.  That is why the study of LOA has to be continuous, encompassing detailed concepts of positive mental attitude, goal setting, visualizations, affirmations, meditation etc, as well as the global perspective of listening to emotional indicators, or stopping to smell the roses. 

This is the reason why it is so important to keep feeding your mind positive content.  As you increase your knowledge, you become better equipped to handle those breakdowns which require you to have micro-LOA skills.  It is also very important to take action and practice all these skills that you learn. As you can imagine you will have a hard time fixing an automobile transmission by reading the manual.  It is very difficult to utilize these skills when you are faced with negative feelings of a challenge in life.  Taking action, and making mistakes, are teaching tools that are available  for you to hone your skills. These circumstances will teach you real life lessons that encompass both the use of micro and macro-LOA principles.  Sort of an on the job training or apprenticeship type of education which is usually worth its weight in gold. 
The great thing about learning about the subject of LOA now is the abundance of  material in different formats.  If you don’t like to read, watch YouTube (basics of LOA) videos on the subject or listen to the different teachers who have podcast  available online.  This is such an awesome topic because as you search for it, more and more information comes to you and you can do with the information as you wish. Perhaps that is how you ended up on this page.

The next step will be to share what you learn, with others so they can also benefit.  Sort of a pay it forward principle, and the best way to learn is to teach.  This is why I ask my readers to comment on myFacebook page after each of my postings.  Learning is a never ending process specially with the Law of Attraction.  No matter how new or advanced you are with this stuff, I and many others can learn from your questions, and inputs as well as your experiences. 

 I hope this was of benefit to you. As always pass this along to anyone who can benefit and do not forget to comment on my Facebook page and be sure to follow me on Twitter. 

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