Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. Recently I was talking with one of my long time students and a topic came up that prompted this post.  This is a person who is as versed in the use of and the principals of The Law of Attraction (LOA) as I am.  Someone in fact, with whom I bounce ideas off when I am confused.  It seemed that something had made her upset.  When I asked what was the matter she explained it to me this way.  A longtime friend of hers who used to confide in her with her problems and used to use her as a shoulder to cry on had become distant and was instead confiding in  a mutual friend of theirs.  Would you believe my friends felt left out and sad because she cared very much for her friend and their friendship? 

Being an outside observer, I was instantly able to see the truth and tried to gently point it out, but even then the ingrained habits were getting in the way of my friend seeing the truth for what it was even though intellectually she understood the logic.  Let me explain it here so anyone with similar feeling can benefit from this.  I am willing to bet that if this type of feeling is happening to someone as intuitive as my friend, then there may be others that feel the same way. 

When we get good at using LOA and get into the vortex of high vibration, we naturally will attract situations that match our vibration.  It is a Universal Law.  My friend was deliberately manifesting what she wanted in her life and NOT what she did not want.  Therefore the pain, sorrow, and wallowing in self-pity was no longer being attracted to her like with most people who go about by default.   So The Universe, or Source found a way to take those discussions away from her reality and hence the opportunity of being a “shoulder to cry on” for her friends went away.  And at the same time her friend found a new confidant that was more on her level. It is not a mean or cruel thing. It is a law as precise as laws of mathematics.  You do X and Y will happen. You concentrate on crap and crap will come into your life. You concentrate on joy and joy will come into your life.  Simple to someone who is not in the middle of it.  Much more difficult when you are dealing with it and especially when you are dealing with loved ones.

To her resistant mind that reaches for negativity for protection, the lie was that “if I don’t listen to my friend’s pain then I am not a good friend”.  This belief is reinforced by our upbringing and is very strong.  She felt bad for a few days.  Instead of being happy that it all worked out for everyone, she felt “left out”.  She wanted to bring herself DOWN vibrationally just to be included.  Crazy isn’t it? Well no actually. It is a natural human nature to be caring.  If she is not careful, she will start to change her manifestations.  But as I mentioned in my last post (Highbeams), it was not the time for me to blind her with my high beams.  She was not at the correct vibration.  She needs time and I need to approach her slowly.  Starting with gratitude that her friend has a person to talk to.  That her own life is full of joy.  That her vibration is protecting her from negativity.  Slowly bringing her to the current state of joy and bliss.  As Abraham-Hicks teach, reaching for a small step that feels a little better.  

The message here is this, be careful. Be careful of your wishes.  Analyze things you think are sad and make sure you are not just falling into the trap of beliefs that keep you stuck.  You are not being a bad friend by being happy.  You are not cold hearted if you cannot relate anymore to the sad things of your previous “life”.  Be a friend and if the Universe protects you then that is a win-win for everyone.  Then accept the gift. 

I hope this makes sense and as always feel free to share this with anyone who many benefit from it. Please comment on my Facebook page and send me tweets on my Twitter feed.  Until next week, to your continued success. 

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