Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great week.  This week’s blog post will be very short but do not mistake it for having any less of a significance.  Many times the simplest information are the best and most useful one, and I hope this will be one of those that will make your pursuit of  and the  use of The Law of Attraction  (LOA) that much more successful.

I remember when one of the first Batman movies was coming out, the build up to the premier was of such magnificent proportion that really nothing could have ever lived up to the expectation.  Sure enough the film did not really live up to the hype even though years later it still stands as a great movie depending on who you ask. The same is true with LOA.

Sometimes the hype and yes, the marketing of different venues leave one over whelmed with the “power” of this magnificent law.  I am not trying to take anything away from the actual law which is, exact in every way and available to any person.  What I am getting at here is the fact that one can build undue resistance if one is caught up in the so called “propaganda”. Can LOA give you everything you can desire? Yes it can.  Is it the most amazing law in the entire Universe? It depends on your knowledge of all the different law, but it is a pretty cool law. Can you over estimate what it can do? No, but you can get yourself caught up in the misinformation and also get too close to the scarcity mindset whilst trying to achieve the desires you want to accomplish. 

From the stand point of The LOA, your feelings are one of the most important part of the whole equation.  When we give something the mystical power or “magic” we unintentionally bring about the feeling of  “impossibility”.  That is just the way most people have been conditioned.  If it is too good to be true then it is as the saying goes.  If it is magical then I have to have some kind of “special” power.  Nothing can be further from the truth though.  When you put The Law on a pedestal, you can in turn remove yourself from the ability of “RECEIVING” which is also a big part of the whole equation.  You have to believe that you will receive, in order to receive.  It is just that.  It is a law.  You follow the formula, and you get the results every time, all the time.  

So my advice is keep things grounded.  There is no mystical power here from the stand point of magic.  It is mystical as our Universe is mystical. It is also as precise as our Universe is precise, and you can benefit from learning about it.  I hope this makes sense.  As always please feel free to share this with anyone who may benefit and leave me comments on my Facebook page and Twitter feed.  Until next week, to your success.  

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