Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Good day and I hope you are doing well. I will keep this short as we are approaching the holidays here in the U.S.  I think this concept of Never giving up,  is very important.  I like the Buddhist stance that “you either win, or you lose” when it comes to life.    The goal of life is to be happy.  There is no middle grey area. 

Every day you are battling for victory.  It is the journey that will make you successful because unless you stop and give up and quit, you cannot lose.  No matter how bad the situation may “seem”, you have the choice to continue to fight.  In martial arts when two combatants are relatively evenly matched, it is the one who can impose his will to keep going no matter what that emerges victorious.  Many times less skilled fighters in MMA have overcome odds by just having what we refer to as “heart”.  The will to keep on going no matter how bad it looked to the outsider.  It is not over in life, until you say it is.

A new year is approaching the Western world.  Don’t wait for the new year to decide.   Decide now that you will always keep going just one more step every day towards your goals.  I promise you that this time next year you will be happier and more abundant in every way by just making this one decision.  

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