Tuesday, December 27, 2016


I hope you are having a great day. This week I wanted to talk about a concept that can be really
Baffling. The concepts of Time. The reason for this topic is that I am usually asked when will I manifest this or that? Or how long will it take to manifest such and such? 

Time does not exist. From the Source's point of view time as we know it does not exist. Perhaps you have heard the famous quote by Albert Einstein that "time is an illusion, albeit a persistent one" .  This has never made more sends to me than this week when I am in Iran and was talking to my little ones back in the USA. Before I left I told my girls that when you miss me just look at the moon and know that I am also looking up at the exact same moon. Being 11 1/2 hours ahead when I call them, it is their "tomorrow". Yet it is just "NOW" for both of us. I am not seeing the future nor  am I in my daughters' future. There is no such a thing as future from the grand scheme of things. There is only now.
So the long and the short answer is "you will, not can,  have it now". If you believe something is difficult and takes a long "time" then it will, but that is your limiting the possibility. It sounds simple and yet it's anything but. I find that if I try to make a logical sense out of it, I confuse myself because I just don't understand the Universe that well. The great thing is that I really don't have to.  I just have to let it be.

Just like the "how" is not my work, I personally have more success when I let it happen when it needs to. I wish I could do this more often but I am learning. This seems to go against the principles of goal setting and it is. Your manifestations are the culmination of your goal not the goal. They are what happens when you achieve your goals. When you have the vision clearly in your mind. Go about setting the goals but as you concentrate on the outcome of the vision be ok with not knowing when. Your goals will then be inspired by what you will attract and the doors that will open will lead you to create time specific and you maned goals.

I hope this makes sense. If it does not, leave me a message on the Facebook thread of this post or tweet me and I will answer your questions accordingly. Feel free to share this and be well till next week. 

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