Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Good day and I hope you are well. I know this post will piss some people off but hey that is the joy of living in a free country. If you are going to be upset at least be objective to read the whole thing and not  just the title.

Every religion that I have done a "cursory" study of indicates there is ONE source, the Almighty, God, Supreme Architect.  There are many other "ways of life" that preach the same thing. Even if you are an "atheist",  science tells you that something started this whole thing. What is curious is that they all either say or imply the we, humans, are either a part of or like that source. No issues with this right? 

Here is where things get screwy though, when the concept becomes a "Religion" there seems to come with it footnotes, or fine print, that insert the proverbial BUT. That is when  something to the tune of "do it our way or you won't get the prize" kicks in. When you have statements like that there is room for conflict. Remember the book Animal Farm ?  Remember how the rules changed from, now I am paraphrasing, "all animals are created equal", to "but some are more equal than others"? 

Maybe it is my lack of understanding of the language, but when everyone is created equal and, by the same ONE creator there cannot be footnotes. You are either equal or you are not. If everyone is equal then I ask humbly and with upmost respect why do we need "different religions"?  If we are not created equal and ONE does not mean one, we either have misunderstanding of math or we just want to fight. When one set of people tell another set they are wrong, big fights (wars) are ensued and of course "my way is the right way" leaves little room for dialogue.

This is not a blog blog on religion.  The Law of Attraction (LOA) is not a religion. It can be proved by religion and science. It is universal and it states that at least humans all are a part of the same whole which has always been and has never been created. Curiously I noticed the same view is held by Nichirin Buddhism which again depending on who you ask is either a religion or a way of life. Because this is such a taboo subject no attention is paid to it from a constructive view. I ask though aren't we as human race tiered of killing each other over perceived differences?  Isn't it time for us to wake up and be enlightened?

We can sequence the human genome and see the wavelength of different colors even the invisible, why can't we apply that to our phenotypic world?  I am going to leave this up for 2 weeks because I really want you to tell me how can we strive for peace and happiness when we are determined to differentiate the most fundamental similarity as a difference? Come on and take this serious. One person can make a change. Think about this. Talk and share this with each other. Am I the only person or a minority in this world who can see how awesome we HUMANS can make our world right now and not a 100 years from now?  This is the time for truth. We are on the verge of the most amazing time in human history and things are just getting better. Don't buy the crap your local or national media feeds you. Life is F@$#%ing good.

Spread this on FacebookTweet the $@&# out of it. Argue with me, clap for me, call me clueless, call me names but get emotionally involved please. Don't let this blog just pass your notice with an indifferent glance. Your future and that of your children depends on it. I love all of you in advance no matter what you call me. And I wish you all an amazing week and success for life. 

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