Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. This week I am going to approach the subject of resistance and the fact that sometimes what we visualize does not materialize, from a different path.  This path was revealed to me last night, as though the Source realized I was going to make it the subject of this week’s blog. Perhaps someone out there is wondering what they are doing wrong? Why is it that everything they are doing is not manifesting that which they are visualizing? You may have cleared everything, heard that you have to allow, and are doing your best to allow, and nothing comes. What is going on? Is this thing we call The Law of Attraction (LOA) broken? You may feel sometimes that it feels like it is broken for you? You may feel you are “not worthy”.  You may be ready to call it quits? Well here is an interpretation you may not have considered, and I hope it will keep you going. 

It does not matter where my inspiration came from because that is a subject all to itself, and does not really relate. All I can say is that LOA brings what we need to know , the wisdom, the manifestations, exactly when we need and are ready for them.  The subject of WORTHINESS is not something you need to ever consider. You are a part of the energy that has given rise to this magnificent world, and all the Universe that this world is a part of, so to think you are not worthy would be insulting that Source that created and brought you here.  Put that idea out of your mind.  You are WORTHY, and this is not just blowing Sunshine up your you know what. IT IS A FACT.  YOU ARE LOVED, YOUR WORTHY AND THERE IS NO LACK. 

There is however,  a quirk when it comes to the Universal laws.  Sometimes we are an instrument of their teaching.  You know if I was alone on this world, my manifestations would be instantaneous and there would be no resistance.  We share this world with others and they also have desires.  This is not about scarcity, this is about UNIVERSAL COMRADERY.  We are here to aid and assist each other in realizing that we are a part of the Source, and sometimes that involves being an example.  How you may be asking?

When we feel bad, or something has gone wrong, it is our natural tenancy to think THIS IS ONLY HAPPENING TO ME.  We think “I am the only person who is feeling this way”.  Worse we may start to think “what is wrong with me?”.  I want to give you another way to look at this.  The LAW OF ATTRACTION (LOA)  is using your challenges as a lesson for those who will see you, to understand that THEY TOO CAN OVERCOME THEIR CHALLENGES.  You are being a shining example, that if you can overcome this, so can the next person.  You are literally attracting the positivity for those who are open to receive it. You are an inspiration.    

So the next time you have a hiccup, see it as a challenge to persevere through for the benefit of not only yourself but those vibrational companions that are looking to you to show them that they too can succeed.  How cool is this way of looking at things? This is the way the law works. It is not BS. 

I hope this makes sense and you can share this with someone who can benefit from it.  As always I am here to answer your questions.  Leave me comments or question on my Facebook and twitter feeds.  I rarely get questions, so I am always ready to answer. You are not bugging me, and your question may actually help not only you, or me, but many thousands of readers across the globe.  Thank you and I wish you success, till next week. 

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