Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Good day and I hope you are having a wonderful week. This week, I was reminded of a folk tail about a shaman who’s teacher wanted to show  him  that perception is everything, so he send him to a teacher who made him feel like an earthworm. In that reality, the shaman did not feel like a small, blind, slimy animal, but he felt like a powerful bulldozer who pushed massive boulders of rocks many times his size aside as he make his way through cavernous tunnels in the underground.

You see, it is only us humans that have inferiority complex or a sense of “entitlement” .  All other species on this planet do what they have been created by the Source, to the best of their abilities.  There is no second guessing and punishing themselves over mistakes.  There is no self-ridicule.  There is no “scarcity”. There is no expectation of getting before giving.  Yes, as this is a blog about The Law of Attraction (LOA), I am going to link this to the subject.  Yesterday was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. birthday holiday in the United States.  One of the famous quotes from Dr. King is very similar to the sayings from the Buddha thousands of years before.  Dr. King said “even if you are a street sweeper, do your job so well that they will say he was the best street sweeper that ever lived”.  Our rewards do not come from where most people think.  Some people falsely believe that we can manipulate the system, or kiss A$#$ and get ahead, and yet rewards do not just come from your supervisor, or even your job. We are all governed by the Universal laws of cause and effect.  It is what it is.  The LOA dictates that what you send out you will attract.  If you are sending out deceit and dishonesty that is what will be attracted to your life. If you are sending out your best, then the best will be attracted to you in the right time and place.  It is law. 

I will keep this short and sweet as there is really no need to stress this simple concept any further. Simple lessons are the best.  I hope this makes sense to you. If it does not, make sure to comment on my Facebook thread for this blog, or tweet me on my twitter feed and I will be happy to discuss it with you. Till next week, to your success.  

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